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On-Line Books
Those Were the Days by Trevor Hemans ( Download e-book in Microsoft Reader format) 241K
The incidents and experiences in the life of a District Commissioner in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe during the 36 years between 1946 and 1981
After the Eclipse by Tom Rymour (Prince Edward School 1957)
Tom Rymour’s award-winning novel set in Africa "After the Eclipse" is a satirical fantasy that takes potshots at sex, politics and race.

You know you are really Rhodesian when....
Dictionary of Rhodesian Slang
An Introductory Vocabulary in Zimblish - being the beginning of Zimblish and the end of English
Remember!!!!! The Rhodesian Childhood
Only in Africa ....
Happy Memories
Declaration of UDI - Ian Douglas Smith 11th November, 1965
The Rhodesian Coat of Arms
Melsetter Memories Authored by : Karen Collins (nee Gibson)
Online warehouse of Rhodesiana - Mazoe.Com Custom Embroidered apparel, Flags and more
Rhodesian Videos
Rhodesian Stamps

I Saw a Fly - contributed by Kerry-Lee
Lo Brudder Gamina selected from "Rhodesian Rhymes by T"
Peace Dream by Clem Tholet
Rhodesian National Anthem
Rhodesia we'll ever Cherish Thee Rhodesia's National Song, by Jack Watson
They're sending the old man home by Richard Fenner
Whispers from the Hills by J.Rainsford - Reprinted from Outpost July 1979

On-Line Albums
Rhodesian Panorama - the wildlife, the landscape, the people
Rhodesian Memorabilia - Army & Airforce gadgets 1974 to 1977
Historical Rhodesian Photographs - Sepia abounds!
Umtali historical photos - Old prints from Umtali including sepia
Courtauld Theatre - Umtali, shows from the early days
Tanganda Tea Company and its history
Rhodesiana - Stamps, Coins, Coupons, Documents, Letters
Rhodesian Stamps and First day Covers
Rhodesian Schools and class snapshots
50 Years of Scouting In Bulawayo, Rhodesia 1909-59
Prince Edward - Expedition to Mozambique (1971) and class snapshots
Glorious Gwelo - its buildings, schools and surrounds - submitted by Diane Hewat
Salisbury Snapshots - its buildings, views and sights - submitted by Diane Hewat
The BeeTeeful People Album - happy snaps of our users of the "Bush Telegraph"
BeeTween Photo Album - shots captured from the "Bush Telegraph"
Air Rhodesia Snapshots - the staff, planes and destinations
Air Rhodesia Staff - Awesome Beira Trip
Kenny Wade's Memories - submitted by Kenny Wade
The Mazoe Royal Mail Coach - supplied by Geoff Eggleston (56K)
First run of the Zambesia mail and passenger stagecoach between Salisbury and Umtali supplied by Charles Shand
Old Bulawayo 1890's (62K) supplied by Greg Koll
Rhodesian Rugby Team 1979 - supplied by Derick McIntyre
Thornhill Rugby Tour, 1975
1965 Rugby Team Fort Victoria High School
Thornhill High School, Gwelo - class photos - courtesy of Kev Law
Umtali Schools - UBHS, UGHS and Chancellor