An Introductory Vocabulary in Zimblish

A NAARKE - A state of chaos as in when lo and odour break down
ARIAS - Regions or districts - as in ebon arias (see ebon)
BATTER - To bargain ; to trade in commodities
BEACON - to call, as in "I beaconed him, and he kem"
BEAD - what you do at an auction
BEADWORK - not a nice job
BEAKER - the man who makes the bread
BEAT - a small piece of something
BECK - Not the front
BEDS - Doves vultures, white spotted bush chicken (alias guinea fowl)
BEECH - female dog
BEG - you carry things in it
BEN - To set alight and then you could be bent
BENT - Consumed by fire
BIFF - a type of meat
BITCH - type of tree
BIZARRE - type of large shop
CHEAP - French fry
CHIP - not expensive
CLEAVER - bright, brainy
CUM - Peaceful, unruffled - "all is cum in the roo-rull arias"
CUT - A small donkey drawn vehicle as of Scottish orgin
DEEP - put something into another, as in deep your finger
DENSE -To move rhythmically to music
DIP - not shallow
DOE - A hinged device, usually wooden for the closing a hol in the wall (see also hol)
EBON - Pertaing to built up arias ; not too roo-rull
EPIC - a type of gardening implement, as in "I duh a hole with e pic"
ETHYL -Earth will - as in the "The earth will grow plenty of millies"
EWERY PEONS - People of light complexion
FEATHER - A greater distance - as in "Swidden is feather north than Spen"
FLOW - A base ; an aria for densing - hence a dense flow
GEM - push a lot of something into a container, for instance
GET - A hinged device for closing a hol in a fence or hatch
GUDDIN - Aaria in which you can grow lots of kebbi-gees and millies flowers are optional ; lawns are a luxury
HEEL - low mountain
HELD - Threw as in " the ath ill eat held the assegai" (javelin)
HEST - Impulisively,without due thought;as in"merry in hest"(see Merry)
HOL - A hol is under construction in the roo-rull arias. A place where people can meet and dense if the occasion arises A dense flow is an opitional luxury in the hol.
HUT - The organ that pumps liquid around the body. as in "Rebbaca I love you from the boottom of my hut or Suzie you have broken my hut in two"
ITCH - Every ; separatley - as in "itch and aviary pair-sin shal hev wun"
JOCK - A jest , jape or funny story
KEEPER - type of flat fish
KENNEL - A high ranking army officer
KETTLE - Bulls cows and oxen in the mess
KETTLE - bulls and cows
KIPPER - A warden or custodian as in " housekipper "
KIPPER - guard, as in gate kipper; also kip - to hold on to... "Kip this"
LEAP - part of mouth
LEN - To acquire knowledge
LIP - jump
LITTER - sent in an envelope
LO - Legislation; Rules of Guv'ment as in " the police will keep lo and odour in the roo-rull arias"
LOAD - A Breetish nobleman ; as in Load Herring Tonne , Forrin Seki Tree
MERRY - To join in matrimony
MESS - Weight or quantity . eg in the mess .........more than 10 of
MESSES - All who dont pay income taxas in" the toiling messes"
MICK - Humble as in"the mick will inherit the erth"
ODOUR - The proper state of things -the police will kip odour; also command or instruction as in " The kennel gave me an odour"
PARROT - Freebooter or buccanner - unlawful; as in "parrot teksi not a member of theteksi assosseshen " see Teksi
PECK - to put in a suitcase or suchlike
PEEK - alternative to epic
PEEL - what a doctor gives you
PEEP - found in fruit
PEE-PULL - Die mense
PENT - what you do when tired
PENTING - Applying oils to canvas; redecorating a house; as in " merry in hest, repent at leesher "
PEPPER - writing, news and toilet
PEPPERY - feels like it
PERK - where children can play
PHELGM - The burning part of a candle
PISS - Symbolised by white doves"The piss toks are taking place in the hol "
PRIM - babies and toddlers ride in them
QUINS - Two or more female monarchs
READ - as in "Get read of this pee-pol"
REEDY - as in "Are you reedy?
REPENT - paint, as in "I must repent this place"
RESIN - why something was done, or not
RID - a reed, as "rids grow in watta"
RIFFLE - long gun
RIP - To harvest a crop
SECEDE - the way a stutterer would tell he or she saw something...
SEEK - ill
SEKI TREE - A girl who can typebut gets more pay
SENT - a very good person, like Sent John
SEX - large bags
SHEEP - big steel boat
SHEET - exactly what you think
SHIP - animal with four legs
SHOES - Topics as in "There are some very ceres shoes underdis kush onat the piss tocks"
SIS - what the big boat sails on
SLEEP - what you do on a shiny floor
SLEET - what you might do to the top of a packet to get at the contents
SLIP - what you do in bed
SLIT - only comes with snow, so none in Zim
SO THEN - Pertaining to the South
STACK - Wholely or completely as in " stack nekkid in Playboys centre fold "
STEAL - not moving
STIPPLE - tall pointy thing on church
SUFFA-RING - As in " the pee-pull are suffa-ring "
SUTTON - Definite ; sure- as " I am sutton that there is a hol in the Gokwe bezzness centre "
TEACH - nickname for small person as in in "Hey, Teach"
TEKSI - Car for hire
TICK TOCKS - Negotiations for purchase of a clock on terms
TIPPLE - fall over
TITCH - happens in school, hence "titcher"
TOCK -Negotiations
TREACLE - pour slowly
TRICKLE - dark brown sweet substance spread on bread
TRITE - make an attempt
TWIT - sound a bird makes, as in "The bed was twitting"
VEST - Knowledgeable- learned - as in "well vest in the ut of penting"
WASH-UP - To go to church to wash-up or the Wash-up the Mayor of Harare
WEANER - As in the weaner takes all
WED - An item of vocabulary; as in " My wed ; the kennel is kipping lo and odour in the eben arias very well seence a few extry mists lent their lesson "
WEKKAS -They do the wek
WELD - Our planet , the eth
YES TIDDY - The day before today
ZIMBABWE - Yes tiddy the Zimbabwe Ruins were just a little aria near Fot Victoria, but under the able command of comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe we are expending the ruins to cover the hol country .

Additional entries supplied by:
Ken Markham - Email: markham@hixnet.co.za
Rod Baker

Renoster Snot: (Direct Trans. 'Rhino snot') Bostik 'Sticky Stuff'
Spook Piss: (Direct Trans. 'Ghost piss') A can of CRC.