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As spring arrives with all it glorious colours and new signs of life we are suddenly reminded that we are facing the final chapter of yet another year. As Rhodesians we have indeed been truly blessed, firstly in experiencing life in that wonderful country with the privileged lifestyle and subsequently the transition with God's guidance in our adopted land. The 30th Anniversary of Rhodesian Independence will soon be upon us and it is time to reflect upon the interim passage of time. What have we done, where have we been, what have we gained and what have we lost? Interesting questions - the answers will be many and varied! This is as good a time and excuse for a party as any. Come and share your joys and sorrows with fellow Rhodesians at a celebration party marking this special day in our History. John and Rosemary Milton have put an enormous amount of effort and organisation into what will hopefully be a wonderful evening on SATURDAY 11TH NOVEMBER 1995 at Royal Kings Park Tennis Club. This dinner/ dance evening will be our main event of the year and we hope that it proves to be an night to remember so spread the word amongst your friends and other Rhodesians within your community. Please note that booking MUST be made no later than 1st November 1995 through Doug and Jackie Capper (phone 307 4790) numbers are limited so please get in early to avoid disappointment. Roy Killick has organised a barbecue with the opportunity for fishermen to chance their luck - 11.30am on Sunday 26th November 1995. This is a family social event and we hope to see lots of you there with or without your rods and reels!

Social Calendar

Tuesday 3rd October 1995.    COMMITTEE MEETING: 5.30pm
     Venue: ANZAC Club, St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Sunday 8th October 1995
     Venue: Houghtons Vineyard, Dale Road, Middle Swan.
     Families of Old Hararians/Prince Edward School
     BYO everything.
     Contact: Wayne Ingram 448 5760 (h) 249 8423(w)
Wednesday 11th October 1995:
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley on 459 8397.  All welcome.
Thursday 19th October 1995.
     M'DALAS INDABA: 9.30am onwards.
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade William Street
     (Between Hay & Murray Streets), Perth.
     Contact: Doreen Hutson on 291 9410
Tuesday 7th November 1995.
     Venue: ANZAC CLUB, St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 8th November 1995.:
     Details:  Contact Helen Hamley on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley on 459 8397.  All welcome.
Saturday 11th November 1995
     Independence Party  7.30pm
Thursday 16th November  1995:
     M'DALAS INDABA: 9.30am onwards
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd floor Wesley Arcade,
     William Street (Between Hay & Murray), Perth.
     Contact: Doreen Hutson on 291 9410.
Sunday 10th December 1995
     CHRISTMAS BARBECUE 11.30am onwards
     Venue: South Perth BBQ area near McCullum Park tennis courts
            Taylor Street off Canning Highway
            South Perth
            BYO everything and lots of friends.
            Father Christmas will be visiting - please bring an
            inexpensive gift clearly marked for your child.
     Contact: Doug Capper 307 4790
Sunday 26th November 1995
          BYO everything.
     Contact: Roy Killick Phone:279 1150


Regular business luncheons are organised in West Perth for members of
the Southern African community.

You are invited to join us to enjoy fine food, fun and fellowship.
Ladies especially welcome.

Enquiries to Tom Lane, telephone 321 8511 (Work) or 4475661 (Home).


Friday 26th January 1996 Pub Night.
Deadline for next issue of Bundu Times 10th November 1995.

Sonny Brooks of Greenmount
Jerrald Swindells of Attadale
Dr and Mrs R.J. Kirk of Merridin

James and Diane Laing ex Harare
Mike Blakeman ex Bulawayo

Our heartiest congratulations and best wishes go to Mrs Elsie Smith who
has celebrated her 85th Birthday on Thursday 24th August 1995.

Mr Pete Nilson of Mandurah has very kindly sent in a copy of HildaRichard's book entitled "Rhodesian Rhymes by T" of which this poem selected to bring back fond memories. Many thanks Pete.

Lo Brudder Gamina

"Lo brudder gamina maningi sick".
On Saturday morning the house-boy,
Is filled with concern and praise-
worthy grief,
And begs of his master to give him
a brief
To go to the invalid brother's relief.

"Lo brudder gamina maningi sick!"
His work is all finished and wasn't
he quick!
And ready and clean are his finest
That he generally wears when he's on
the "fagash";
And off on his bike at a rattling pace.
He's grinning all over his ebony face.

All over the country, for miles
Flour and Katemba and Joseph are
All spotless and smiling, and won-
derfully chic,
For each one has wangled the very
same trick,
To visit the brother "maningi sick".

And over the veld see the brothers
To visit the "brudder" and be of
good cheer,
And help with the "dora", the good
kaffir beer.
So with laughter and singing, and
reckless delight,
With tom-toms and clappings the
whole of the night:
Then staggering homeward with
breaking of light,
Come Flour and Katemba and Joseph
and Dick,
And "zonke lo brudders MANINGI


                          RHODESIANS WORLDWIDE

                              Photo insert

This photograph was taken at the Rhodesian gathering in Wiltshire in
July this year by Nita and Roy Killick who were holidaying in the U.K.

PETER AND JULIA HAGLETHORN have voluntarily devoted a large part of
their lives to keeping Rhodesians and Zimbabweans in every little nook
and cranny around the globe "in touch".  They faithfully produce a
wonderful, non-profit contact magazine covering 58 countries, every
quarter entitled "RHODESIANS WORLDWIDE".
The Rhodesians Worldwide Associations round- up in England raise
donations through a lottery system for Rhodesians in need, a worthy
Many people still do not know about this magazine - please spread the
word.  Perhaps you would like to send a subscription to a friend or
relative as a Christmas/Birthday present, and what a superb and
appropriate gift that would be, or perhaps you'd like to partake in the
Contact:  Peter & Julia Hagelthorn
          P. O. Box 260
          West Lavington
          Nr Devizes
          WILTSHIRE,  U.K.  SN10 4QZ
Telephone: (01380) 818381  of FAX  (01380) 813620.

Annual Subscriptions: U.K. Pounds 9.00
                      S.A. Rand 32.
                      U.S.A. $20
                      Australia $20
                      Canada $20
                      New Zealand $24


  1. The Reserve bank of Zimbabwe is reviewing the policy on blocked funds dealings following recent disclosures of shady deals in some transactions.
  2. Since the Zimbabwean Dollar was floated as an international currency on 1/7/94 its value against the U.S. dollar has remained virtually unchanged 12 months later.
  3. The Public Sector debt is now estimated at Z$49 billion which is 103% of Gross Domestic Product (G.P.D.)
  4. Bank workers are again threatening to strike unless their demands are met for a 30% pay increase.
  5. Unemployment in Zimbabwe which was assessed at 300 000 in 1979 is now estimated to be in excess of 2 000 000.
  6. A.T.M.. machines are now in operation in most of the Banks, and mobile phones have come to town, as well as computers in the school classroom.
  7. Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has from 1st July had to double its imports of power from Zaire and Zambia. It is estimated that by November Kariba Dam will be only 1 metre above the minimum operating level for the power station turbines.
  8. Tear gas has been used by Police to quell a demonstration by University students who were complaining of a reduction in their allowances. 25 were injured and taken to hospital. Damage estimated at $200 000. The University Council has since been dissolved.
  9. The Reformed Church of Zimbabwe has set up a committee to oversee the establishment of a new university to be known as the Great Zimbabwe University near Masvingo town.
  10. The first World Congress of Education International is being held in Harare with delegates from 132 countries attending the 5 day conference.
  11. Bob Hawke delivered the keynote address at the annual congress of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries.
  12. Meikles Hotel in Harare has won the Executive Travellers Award 1995 for the Best Hotel in Africa. The runners up were hotels in Casablanca and Marrakesh.
  13. Department of National Parks and Wildlife personnel have allegedly been suspended and are facing allegations of illegally exporting 200 elephants to Bophuthatswana for about $10 million during the 1992 drought.
  14. Prince Edward recently opened Harare Agricultural Show.
  15. In contrast to many other countries, the views of Government and private individuals in Zimbabwe are strong in their condemnation of homosexuality.


SOSATIES (Curried Meat) - recipe sent in by Mrs Ruth May

1kg leg of lamb cut in 2.5 cm cubes     2 Bay leaves
25ml curry powder                       1kg pork cubed
25ml wine vinegar                       125 ml mutton fat cube
12.5 ml salt                            25ml brown sugar
5ml pepper                              75 ml smooth apricot jam3 onions                                3 cloves garlic
250g dried apricots                     12.5 ml cornflour

Combine apricot jam, sugar, garlic, cornflour, bay leaves, curry powder,
vinegar, salt and pepper and add onion quarters.  Cook until slightly
thickened.  Place lamb and pork cubes in mixture and marinate for 4
hours in a cool place, turning occasionally.  Soak apricots in water
until plump.  Remove meat from marinade and thread onto skewers
alternatively with mutton fat, apricots and onions.  Grill in oven or
over coals until done.  Serves 6 - 8.

M'dalas Report

by Arthur Hutson.

M'dalas Mushings by Arthur Hutson.

Police were present at our July meeting which was only attended by 37 members not due to police presence but the stormy weather conditions. Sgt Ian North gave an excellent talk on Community Policing and many questions followed his talk. A vote of thanks in English and Shona was proposed by our ex Chief Inspector BSAP John Seward.
    Before the meeting a period of silence was observed in memory of Val Johnson - wife of Dick and also Jim Laing - husband of Joan.
    A private ballot was taken of men members and the majority were only too willing to engage in tea duties, this in response to the suffragette reaction by the ladies at the previous months meeting and possibly by the rendering of an old Australian song popular in the 1900's taught to the Acting Chariman by his father. The applause which followed the song was for the finishing rather than the rendering. By special request the words are as follows:

"Put me upon and island where the girls are few
Put me amongst the most ferocious lions in the zoo
Put me upon a treadmill and I'll never fret
But for pity sake don't put me near a suffregette".

At the August meeting attended by 47 with three visitors we were given a talk by Bruce Galbraith who was accompanied by his wife Sandy - he is the nephew of Cecily Miles. His topic was "South Africa Today" - a factual and balanced talk on conditions, problems and hopes for the future with particular accent on the educational aspects.
    It was a pleasure to see the return of the Three Musketeers - Sonny Brooks, Pat Bromfield and David Sommerville also Fay and Denis Hoyes and Leonard and Barbara Stocks. A welcome to new member Margaret Denton and Stanley Woolnough. Ralph Potts made a welcome return after his operation and we exted our hopes for quick recoveries for Pat Nicholson, Ruth Learmonth, Dorothy Truran and Stella Clifton- Parkes. Birthday Greetings are extended to Elsie Smith (85) and to absentee Chairman, Doreen Hutson of undisclosed age but whose box of birthday chocolates was won by Pip Armstrong.
    A supply of RSA Almond Essence and Flame Lilly seeds, propagated I must hastily add, in Australia; were presented by Philip and Ruth May and eagerly snapped up.
    On 28th September a return outing to the Botanical Golf is scheduled where prizes will be donated and presented by the Mays.
    Finally a thanks to the Tea Ladies for the last two meetings. Lena Young, Jean Yard, Flo Tupman, Ruth May, Theo James, Betty Potts, Margaret Seward and Doreen Duncalf.


DR MINTO STROVER died 16th may 1995 dearly beloved elder brother of our Mdala Mary Broster to whom we estend our sincere sympathies. Dr Strover was born in West Hartlepool in 1906, married Ethelwyn Everett of Salisbury and served as GMO from 1933 in charge of Fort Victoria Hospital ans also did a five year stint at bindura. After retiring from Government service he joined Triangle Sugar Estates for five years before retiring to South Africa and England. A keen polo player even playing at the age of 76 he was intrumental in introducing the Austalian game of Polocrosse to Southern Rhodesia in 1947. He is survived by his three sons Roger, Angus and Paddy.

VALERIE JOHNSON passed away on 17th july 1995. Born in Halifax Yorkshire in 1930, Valerie married Dick in Cape Town 43 years ago and both emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in 1953 and then to Australia seven years ago. A very lovable lady who was a keen volunteer worker in hospitals as a Red Cross member. She was also a founder member of the Ladies probus Club of Applecross. Valerie is survived by her husband Dick and daughter Jane, together with son, Nigel and daughter-in-law Lynda and grandsons Barry and Kevin to whom we extend our sincere condolences on the loss of such a wonderful wife and Mum.

JAMES (JIM) LAING died peacefully on the 18th July 1995 after a long illness endured with great dignity. Jim was born in Edinburugh, Scotland 1905 and worked in Ceylon for the Lyons Tea conglomerate. Returning to Scotland with his first wife, where their son James was born they then emigrated to Nyasaland (Malawi). He started an import/export business which activities successfully extended to all parts of Southern Africa. He was a very keen amateur golfer. Retiring to Australia in 1983 he and Joan whom he married in June 1963 were very active members of the Mdalas Group. We extend our sincere sympathies to Joan, his son James and daughter-in-law Di, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren all living in Australia.

MONA FOY died on the 26th August 1995 aged 81. Born in Manchester, England she and her husband Arthur emigrated to Rhodesia in 1955 where her husband died in 1971. Wishing to join her family, Mona emigrated to Australia in 1990 to be with her son Terry and his wife Jane plus three grandchildren. To them we extend our sincere condolences. Mona will be sadly missed by the Mdalas Group of which she was a very willing and loyal member. Her other interests included membership of Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill (ARAFMI), St Matthews Church, Shenton park and the Anglican Cathedral. A loyal Australian, taking out citizenship at the first opportunity she was a recipient of a W A State Government Award for Civic Services. She lived her latter years at Riley House Anglican Homes where she was an honorary book keeper.

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