About this Site

The original intent of the Rhodesians Worldwide Web site was to provide a method for expatriates who lived in the Rhodesia to re-establish contact with old friends and mates. Most of these people were only resident in the country up until Rhodesia became Zimbabwe in 1980.

Rhodesians and current Zimbabwe residents are welcome to join and take part in this site.

These pages are for Rhodesians everywhere! To re-establish lost contacts, to make new contacts, to catch up on news of Rhodesians, to advertise items for sale, and to strengthen and maintain the bond that residents of Rhodesia formed during its turbulent years.

Anyone who has lived in Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia or Zimbabwe is welcome to contribute anything they can to the growth of this site, including adding their information to the Names Directory.

Credits and Contacts

This site was started by Alastair Honeybun in 1995, is kept operational by Alastair Honeybun and Craig Hartnett, and is hosted by NinerNet Communications.

Any questions may be addressed to the site management.