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WHAT a fantastic evening our Grand Anniversary Dinner Dance turned out to be!! We were booked to capacity and apologise to the folks who were disappointed but I would urge you all to consider the organisers/caterers of events of this nature and reply by the deadlines given.

Some people learn the hard way - mind you, others never learn at all!!! Our venue, The Royal Kings Park Tennis Club Pavilion, being a rustic English Tudor-style building, lent itself perfectly to the occasion. After our guest of honour, Pete Nilson+s entertaining speech our French Chef, Andre Benoit served a tremendous gourmet menu of more-than-adequate portions accompanied by some top Australian wines for our toasts. He finished up with his home made pralines served with port and coffee. The Islanders, a band from the Seychelles, kept everyone on the dance floor for the duration of the evening and a couple of tables were loath to go home even after the music stopped and the band left. Our thanks to the organisers, who worked very, very hard indeed to present such an enjoyable evening which went without a hitch. The attention paid to every little detail from the ladies corsages to the security guard in the car park, and from the decorations to the free-flowing wine, created and ensured the magical evening.

Our sincere thanks to organisers John Milton, Jenny Honeybun and Jackie Capper for their months of planning and hard work. A very big thank you to Gavin Honeybun who, with the aid of phone, fax and Internet working from hotel rooms and airport lounges during his constant travelling around the Australia/Asia/Pacific region, took care of all the printing and often re-printing of invitations, menus, table settings (which changed regularly), and place names.

The flower arrangements and decorations were spectacular whilst the corsages presented to all the ladies were most appreciated - our special thanks to Wendy Baillie, Jackie Capper and Jenny Honeybun. The candlelit Pavilion was decorated with ivy and balloons which complemented the beautiful floral arrangements and completed the idyllic setting for the evening. It was set up by the Baillie, Capper, Milton, Honeybun and Watson families. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the evening such a splendid affair.

As the year draws to an end I would urge everyone to consider the subject of the Association Committee. Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 23rd February 1996 at the Commonwealth Club in Subiaco - please diarise this and make an effort to attend. We will be looking for new Committee members, new ideas and general input from you, the members. The Committee is a great team who have a lot of fun - please consider joining us as we desperately need people. If you can+t join the Committee, at least come along to the AGM and share a social drink with us anyway. Before this date we hope to see everyone with their families and friends

At our Christmas Barbecue to be held along the river near the tennis courts in McCullum Park, South Perth. Look for the Rhodesian flag - tell all your friends as EVERYONE is ALWAYS welcome. This venue is great, with easy parking, lots of shade, the river, gas barbecues, childrens+ playground, fantastic fellow members and of course, Father Christmas!

Remember to bring an inexpensive, wrapped gift for your child marked with their name - this is to be handed to Jackie Capper on arrival to ensure that it is in Santa+s sack.

As an added incentive to pitch up, pictures of the Anniversary Dinner/dance will be on display.

January is traditionally a recuperating period when everyone re-charges their batteries for the next year after the season of celebrations. It is often rather an anti-climax after a hectic few months full of activity. So why not come along to our Pub Night at the Commonwealth Club, Subiaco on Friday 19th January 1996 from 6pm onwards. Bring the family and your friends and relax over sundowners with a few fellow countrymen.

The Committee and I would like to thank everyone for their support during this past year and wish all fellow Rhodesians and Zimbabweans a very merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Social Calendar


Regular business luncheons are organised in West Perth for members of
the Southern African community.

You are invited to join us to enjoy fine food, fun and fellowship.
Ladies especially welcome.

Enquiries to Tom Lane, telephone 321 8511 (Work) or 4475661 (Home).


Friday 26th January 1996 Pub Night.
Deadline for next issue of Bundu Times 10th January 1996.


Mr & Mrs Philip Wood of Wanneroo
Maarten & Janine Hardy of Bunbury
Sonny Brooks of Greenmount
Irvine & Avis Shooter of Bicton

Angela Burrell ex N'Dola, ZambiaStanley Woolnough ex Harare, Zimbabwe.

Surprise in deepest Denmark

Recently Ruth and I decided to take a Westrail tour to Denmark which turned out to be quite an unusual experience.

On arrival in Denmark we were welcomed to Edinburgh House, an RAC 3 1/2 star hotel/boarding house situated in the centre of Denmark, by the proprietors Colleen and Gavin Faed. Gavin as a teenager arrived in Oz in 1962 from Trelawney, Southern Rhodesia, where the Faed family had been farming. His mother is still on a farm in the Denmark area. Colleen and Gavin do all the chores involved in running the hotel and Gavin's home-style cooking is thoroughly recommended - even by the Aussies!!

Colleen is really sweet - so are her sweet dishes!! They welcome "mature" guests into their homely atmosphere but unfortunately all bedrooms are situated on the first floor (no lift). A reasonably priced stop-over with a real Rhodie welcome awaits the traveller.

When returning to Edinburgh House after an exhilarating day trip we came across a person looking for accommodation (none available), he was visiting WA from Queensland, an ex-Rhodie who had worked at the Herald 1961/64.

He was in a hurry to find accommodation and me, being a Mdala, his name has "slipped my memory"

But it was a surprise coming across two ex-Rhodies in such a small town - thought WA was being invaded!

Doug Learmonth


Rhodesians are nothing if not resourceful. Their country might have been taken from them by politicians, but the spirit still roams the world, looking for a home. Taking advantage of late 20th century technology, they are creating a virtual country on computers around the world. TOM HENSHAW reports.

THEY'VE logged in from more than 20 US states, from Canada's Yukon and from Port Elizabeth to Perth.

Rhodesians are everywhere, and they've taken to the Internet with a vengeance.

Make no bones about it, the "Bush Telegraph" section of the Rhodesians Worldwide home page on the Internet is booming and growing almost daily.

At last count, the website, set up by Alastair Honeybun in Perth, Western Australia had attracted more than 70 names of Rhodesians around the world.

The page has become a focal point for people who just want to say hi to other Rhodesians, and, hopefully, make contact with people they once knew.

It's giving Rhodesians an anchor they thought they'd lost - a world-wide clubhouse or electronic country if you like. Somewhere for the Lost Tribe.

Anyone who thought the Internet was a hangout for young computer nerds should look a little more closely before dismissing it. This page is for ordinary people like you and I - wrinklies and crumblies who want to find old mates.

Friends from way back have contacted me after discovering my Bush Telegraph message and Internet address, giving lie to the popular perception that it's for spotty faced youths looking for cheap thrills.

Former Rhodesian ballroom dance champions John and Pam Morgan logged their entry in November, to tell the world they now live in Perth after living in the UK.

Douglas Franke, now of San Marcos, Texas wants his brother Douglas in Johannesburg to email him and Bob Addis, now of Hong Kong is trying to find Ken Du Plooy and Ben Linde.

The site has also seen a plaintive plea for two abducted children, although I don't know if it was from a former Rhodie or just a guy posting his message on every electronic board he could find.

On Thursday, November 2, Jim (polaris@pelican.davlin.net) posted this message:

"Looking to obtain any information regarding my two sons.
Their names are Jimmy and Robert Morrow. They were born on 12/15/86 and 4/5/89 respectively. They were abducted on August 5, 1992 from our home in Florida. The last known report was that they were seen in Rochester New Hampshire, USA in the company of Pamela and Thomas Paul. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Please e-mail me."

The easy way to find anything Rhodesian, though, is to use one of the search functions on the Internet for the word Rhodesia.

The email contacts page gives addresses of people who have logged their names around the world.

You, too, can add your name by simply clicking on the appropriate message.

The Internet, as everyone knows, has taken off like wildfire and countries like Zimbabwe and South African have not been immune. A huge amount of information, including news, is just waiting to be read.

One is a newswire compiled by the ANC in South Africa and consists of reports put out by the South African Press Association. It has nothing to do with ANC as such. The newswire is made more readable by a guy who operates out of Yale in the US!

Its official address is http://pantheon.cis.yale.edu/~jadwat/anc/ but if that doesn't work, do a search for ANC Newswire Root or South Africa!

Reports are listed in alphabetical order, and Zimbabwe nearly always brings up the rear.

But there are some good yarns to be found.

For instance, did you know that Ndabaningi Sithole has been fingered as being behind a plot to kill Robert Mugabe?

Or that Mugabe's houseguest, former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam, is now a Zimbabwe citizen with a Government stipend, and has been buying up property in Harare in his son's name?

Or that a couple of Eritreans have been arrested after taking a potshot at him?

There's lots of other less traumatic stuff about as well.

This might all sound like a plug for the Internet. Well, yes it is. As a working journalist I have been astounded by the scope and depth of information available.

I have been informed and delighted for hours on end. Like they say, it's the most fun I've had with my clothes on in years! Christmas is coming, hint, hint . . . if you have a computer, a modem and Internet connection would make the perfect gift.

Wouldn't it . . .


LAWN BOWLS - Henselite size 4 3/4" with carrying case.  Suitable male or
female.   Price $55 or nearest offer.  Phone Roy Killick 279 1150


Maxine and Peter Fey (ex Rhodesia) being a mature and responsible couple
are available to house sit your home from early January to April 1996
whilst they await the readiness of their own home.  Phone 448 6125


250g dates, stoned & finely chopped     15ml butter
5ml bicarb of soda                      150ml water
250ml boiling water                     125ml brandy
125g butter                             1ml salt
500ml sugar
2 eggs beaten
500ml baking powder
2ml salt
250ml finely chopped pecan or walnuts
5ml vanilla essence


Add bicarb of soda to 125g dates & pour boiling water over them.  Mix
well & leave to cook.  Cream butter & 250ml sugar and beat in the eggs.
Mix well.  Sift flour, baking powder & 2ml salt over the creamed mixture
and fold in.  Add remaining dates and nuts, mixing well.  Stir in bicarb
and date mixture.  Mix thoroughly, then turn batter into a large baking
dish and bake at 180 degrees (350F) until done - about 40 minutes.  Heat
remaining butter, sugar and water for 5 minutes.  Remove from stove and
stir in brandy, vanilla essence and salt.  Pour over pudding as soon as
it is done.  Serve hot or cold with whipped cream.  Serves 6.

M'dalas Report

Sunshine brings out the stragglers

OUR attendance for the October meeting reverted to normal with 50 members being present as against 42 in September. Obviously a sign of improvement in the weather. Many thanks to our ladies who supplied the delicious teas at both these meetings. Don't know what we would do without them.

Arrangements for our Christmas Luncheon at the Wentworth Plaza Hotel on Thursday 21st December 1995 are well in hand and there are a number of places still available for those people who have not yet booked but would like to attend. (Please see the Social Calendar).

Doug Learmonth reporting on the M'dala outing to the Botanic Golf says it was an overcast but lovely day with the course surrounded by beautiful gardens, adding to the enjoyment of the 12 players taking part in the -championships

The winners of the mixed pairs were Margaret Berney and Peter Dean and the women's individual section was won by Marion Dean and the Men+s individual by Philip May.

Fay Hoyes won the highest score third -round trophy. A competition enjoyed by all participants with grateful thanks to Philip and Ruth May for the prizes.

A -Bring and Buy+ at our last meeting netted us $22.20. Thanks to all who brought articles to help swell our funds.

The M'dalas all join me in extending Christmas greetings to other members of the Association and adding the wish that 1996 will bring us all happiness, health and continuing good friendship.

Doreen Hutson.


ZIMBABWE'S first diamond mine, Auridium Zimbabwe River Ranch mine, was opened near Beitbridge in November. The Australian/Canadian joint venture was officially opened by President Robert Mugabe. It is expected to produce 500,000 carats annually over the next 10 years.

GOLD output in Zimbabwe will reach 24 tons for the first time in five decades this year, according to reports in Harare. An official from the Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines said it would be a record year despite rising costs. Last year, gold output reached 20.56 tons.

RIO TINTO Zimbabwe has announced it has identified a massive new coalfield which could make the country self-sufficient in electricity. Executive director Ian Wylie, said work on the Sengwa coalfields, 450km north-west of Harare, had identified a total resource of 924-million tons, with an average sulphur content of 0.48 per cent. The coal resource at Sengwa was enough to support a power station with installed capacity of 600 to 1200 megawatts of power for over 100 years at an annual mining output of three to six million tons of coal.

ZIMBABWE will spend more than $Z880-million importing essential agricultural commodities to meet domestic shortfalls caused by last year+s drought, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced. It said in its latest statistical report that a total of $Z547-million was needed for maize imports alone, $Z205-million for soyabeans and $Z137-million for rice.

l A PREFERENTIAL agreement allowing Zimbabwean textile and clothing exports into South Africa has been reached in principle, South African high commissioner to Zimbabwe, Kingsely Mamobolo, announced in November. He said his country was aiming for a Southern African common market.

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