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Past Employers/Associations
Air Rhodesia Association
BSA Police Regimental Association
BSAP (Rhodesian Forces)
BSAP Morris Depot - Police Training College (Graduates) (Harare)
Customs and Exccise Departmnet
Guard Force (Rhodesian Forces)
Rhodesian Air Force (Graduates)
Rhodesian Air Force (Rhodesian Forces)
Rhodesia Army Association
Rhodesian Light Infantry
The Rhodesian Light Infantry (MH)
Rhodesian Light Infantry (IVA)
Rhodesian Army Medical Corps Training School (Graduates)
The Rhodesia Regiment
Intake 150 "C" Company 9 Platoon
3 Indep Coy Inyanga - "C" Company Intake 147
M Troop (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Rhodesian Security Force Veterans (NZ)
School of Signals (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
8 Signal Squadron (Salisbury)
Selous Scouts
Selous Scouts
C Squadron 22 Special Air Service Regiment

Primary Schools

Admiral Tait Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Alexandra Park Preparatory School (Graduates) (Harare)
Alfred Beit School (Graduates) (Harare)
Amandas School (Graduates) (Concession)
Avondale School (Graduates) (Harare)
Avonlea Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Baines Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Banket Junior School (Graduates) (Banket)
Beatrice School (Graduates) (Beatrice)
Belvedere Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Belvedere Junior School - Class of 1965
Bindura School (Graduates) (Bindura)
Bishopslea Preparatory School for Girls (Graduates) (Harare)
Blakiston Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Carmel Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Chancellor Junior School (Graduates) (Umtali)
Chipinga Junior School (Graduates) (Chipinga)
Chiredzi School (Graduates) (Chiredzi)
Coghlan Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Courtney Selous School (Graduates) (Harare)
David Livingstone Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Digglefold School (Graduates) (Marondera)
Dominican Convent (Graduates) (Gweru)
Eagle School (Graduates) (Vumba)
Eastridge School (Graduates) (Harare)
Fort Victoria Primary School (Graduates) (Fort Victoria)
Frank Johnson School (Graduates) (Harare)
Gateway Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Gateway Primary School Web Site (Harare)
Godfrey Huggins School (Graduates) (Marandellas)
Greenfield School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Greengrove School (Graduates) (Harare)
Haig Park School (Graduates) (Harare)
Hallingbury School (Graduates) (Harare)
Harare International School (Graduates)
Harare International School Web site
Hartley Junior School (Graduates) (Hartley)
Hatfield Girls High (Graduates) (Harare)
Hatfield Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Hellenic Community School (Graduates) (Harare)
Henry Low Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Highlands Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Hillside Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Karoi Primary School (Graduates) (Karoi)
Kumalo Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Leander School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Lewisam Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Lord Malvern (Graduates) (Harare)
Lundi Park Primary School (Graduates) (Gweru (Gwelo))
Marlborough Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Marist Brothers College (Graduates) (Kwekwe (Que Que))
Marula Junior School (Graduates) (Marula)
Marula Junior School - Community site
Mashaba Primary School (Graduates) (Mashaba)
Melsetter School (Graduates) (Melsetter)
Midlands Christian College (Graduates) (Gweru)
Milton Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Milton Junior School [UPDATED] 10 Jun 10
Mvurwi (Umvukwes) Primary School (Graduates) (Mvurwi (Umvukwes))
Nagel House (Graduates) (Marandellas)
Nettleton Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Progressive College (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Queensdale Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Redcliff (Graduates) (Redcliff)
Rhodes Estate Prep School (Graduates) (Matopos)
Riverside Junior School (Graduates) (Gweru)
Ruzawi School (Graduates) (Marondera)
Selbourne Routledge (Graduates) (Harare)
Selukwe Primary School (Graduates) (Selukwe)
Shabani School (Graduates) (Shabani)
Sir Hugh Beadle Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Sir John Kennedy Primary School (Graduates) (Gatooma)
Springvale School (Graduates) (Marandellas)
St. Michaels Prep. School (Graduates) (Harare)
Tennyson Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Thomas Rudland (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Vainona Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Victoria Falls Primary School (Graduates) (Victoria Falls)
Whitestone School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Widdecombe Primary School (Graduates) (Harare)

Secondary Schools

Alexandra Park Preparatory School (Graduates) (Harare)
Alfred Beit School (Graduates) (Harare)
Allan Wilson Technical Boys High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Arundel School (Graduates) (Harare)
Bindura School (Graduates) (Bindura)
Bishopslea Preparatory School For Girls (Graduates) (Harare)
Chaplin High School (Graduates) (Gweru)
Chaplin - Old Chaplin Association Worldwide Community
Chiredzi School (Graduates) (Chiredzi)
Chisipite Senior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Christian Brothers College (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Churchill High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Coghlan Junior School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Cranborne Boys' High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Dominican Convent High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Dominican Convent (Graduates) (Gweru)
Dominican Convent High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Eaglesvale Secondary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Eaglesvale Secondary School school web site
Ellis Robins School (Graduates) (Harare)
Ellis Robins Association
Eveline Girls High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Eveline Girls High School [UPDATED] 10 Jun 10
Falcon College (Graduates) (Esigodini (Essexvale))
Fort Victoria High School (Graduates) (Fort Victoria)
Founders High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Frank Johnson School (Graduates) (Harare)
Gateway High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Gateway High School Web Site (Harare)
Gifford High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Gifford High School Old Boys Network
Girls College (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Girls High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Goromonzi High School (Graduates) (Goromonzi)
Guinea Fowl (Graduates) (Gweru)
Guinea Fowl School (Gweru)
Hamilton High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Hamilton High School Old Boys Association
Hamilton High e-Group Forum
Harare International School (Graduates)
Harare International School Web site
Hatfield Girls High (Graduates) (Harare)
Hellenic Community School (Graduates) (Harare)
Jameson High School (Graduates) (Kadoma (Gatooma))
Kwe Kwe High (Graduates) (Kwe Kwe)
Lord Malvern (Graduates) (Harare)
Lundi Park Primary School (Graduates) (Gweru (Gwelo))
Mabelreign Girls High (Graduates) (Harare)
Marandellas High School (Graduates) (Marandellas)
Marlborough High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Marist Brothers College (Graduates) (Kwekwe (Que Que))
Melsetter School (Graduates) (Melsetter)
Midlands Christian College (Graduates) (Gweru)
Milton High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Milton High School - Old Miltonians
Montrose Girls' High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Mosi-Oa Tunya High School (Graduates) (Victoria Falls)
Mount Pleasant (Graduates) (Harare)
Mutare Boys High School (Graduates) (Mutare)
Mutare Girls High School (Graduates) (Mutare)
Nagel House (Graduates) (Marandellas)
Northlea High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Northlea High Alumni
Norton Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Oriel Boys' Secondary School (Graduates) (Harare)
Oriel Girls School (Graduates) (Harare)
Peterhouse (Graduates) (Marondera)
Peterhouse and Petrean Society
Plumtree High School (Graduates) (Plumtree)
Plumtree High School - Old Prunitian Society
Prince Edward School (Graduates) (Harare)
Prince Edward School - Official Site
Old Hararians Association
Queen Elizabeth School (Graduates) (Harare)
Queensdale Junior School (Graduates) (Harare)
Que Que High (Graduates) (Kwe Kwe (Que Que))
Redcliff (Graduates) (Redcliff)
Roosevelt Girls High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Shabani School (Graduates) (Shabani)
Sinoia High School (Graduates) (Sinoia)
Springvale School (Graduates) (Marandellas)
St. Georges (Graduates) (Harare)
Old Georgians Directory
St. John's College (Graduates) (Harare)
St Stephen'S College (Graduates) (Balla Balla)
St. Stephens College Balla Balla Old Boys
Thornhill High School (Graduates) (Gweru (Gwelo))
Thornhill High School - past pupils
Townsend High School (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Townsend Old Girls Association
Umtali High School
Umtali Boys High School (Graduates) (Mutare (Umtali))
UBHS OldBorderersAssn - A general list of former members of Umtali Boys' High School (Mutare (Umtali))
Umtali Girls High School (Graduates) (Mutare (Umtali))
Vainona High School (Graduates) (Harare)
Bulawayo Polytechnic (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Bulawayo Technical College (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Commercial Careers College (Graduates) (Harare)
Gwebi Agricultural College (Graduates) (Harare)
Harare Polytechnic (Graduates) (Harare)
Marymount Teachers’ College (Graduates) (Mutare (Umtali))
National University Of Science And Technology (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Outward Bound Mountain School (Graduates) (Melsetter)
Post Office Engineering College (Graduates) (Harare)
Progressive College (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Speciss College (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
Speciss College (Graduates) (Harare)
Teachers Training College (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
University of Zimbabwe (Graduates) (Harare)
Godfrey Huggins School of Medicine - Medical Graduates Worldwide
Community and Church Groups
15th Blakiston Scout Group (Graduates) (Harare)
1st Kadoma Scout Group (Graduates) (Kadoma (Gatooma))
3rd Chiredzi Scout Group (Graduates) (Chiredzi)
8th Hillside Scout Group (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
3rd Mutare (Umtali) Scout Group (Graduates) (Mutare (Umtali))
11th Riverside Scout Troop (Bulawayo)
4th Salisbury Scout Group (Graduates) (Harare)
23rd Salisbury Scout Group (Graduates) (Harare)
6th Avondale Scout Group (Graduates) (Harare)
Girl Guides, Belevue (Graduates) (Bulawayo)
The Belvedere Crowd- a crowd of friends (most born between 1949 and 1957) that lived (or played) around Belvedere in Salisbury