Welfare funds for Rhodesians/Zimbabweans

  1. Air Forces Association of Zimbabwe (AFAZ)
    Assists former RhAF and AFZ members. Non-registered UK fund administered by Peter Petter-Bowyer (
  2. Bezer Ministries (BM)
    Assists orphans and street children in Zim. Administered by Christian trustees (
  3. Borradaile Trust (BT)
    Operates homes for the aged in Marondera. Registered UK and Zim charity administered in Marondera by Anton Lues (
  4. BSA Police Regimental Association (BSAP) branches
    assist former members of the BSAP. Non-registered benevolence funds administered by committees.(South Africa - UK
  5. Distressed Pensioners' Appeal Fund (DPAF)
    Currently assists 50 pensioners exclusivly in Zim, primarily Harare, suppling them with personally delivered food parcels every month, through Meals on Wheels and SOAP (in conjunction with the ZRRF/RCG). Non-registered SA fund administered by Lin Mehmel (
  6. Flame Lily Foundation (FLF)
    Assists, in particular, aged and disabled former residents of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe living in South Africa; provides subsidised residential accommodation for several Zim pensioners; pays grants to Zim pensioners in South Africa who donate their pensions to the aged in Zim (through Project 142). FLF branches assist indigent Zim pensioners in their own areas with gift vouchers and welfare grants. SA registered NPO and PBO, managed by elected committees, administered at national level by John Redfern ( 
  7. Homes in Zimbabwe (HIZ)
    Was established primarily to maintain the physical infrastructure of the old age homes in Zimbabwe in terms of replacing equipment, roofs, boreholes etc etc. Registered and administered by Nigel Kay in the UK.
  8. The M'dala Trust (MT)
    Established in October 2004 specifically to provide assistance and support for Zimbabwean pensioners resident in the Western Cape identified as being in dire financial need. Currently assists 47 pensioners monthly. SA registered NPO and PBO administered by Leon Jacobs, with eight trustees and six patrons (
  9. Pensioners Fund (PF)
    Assists homes for the aged and indigent pensioners in Zim. Non-registered Zim fund administered by trustees under John Legat (
  10. Rhodesian Christian Group (RCG)
    Assists victims of political violence in and from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe; also assists people to re-establish themselves in the UK; keeps the plight of Zimbabweans before the media and politicians worldwide. Administered by a committee in the UK, Director W Denis Walker (
  11. Rotary Club of Harare Central (RCHC)
    Assists homes for the aged in Zim through Adopt a Grandparent (AaG) programme. Registered Zim charity, AaG administered by Ian Helby (
  12. Rhodesians Worldwide Assistance Fund (RWAF)
    Assists Rhodesians/Zimbabweans domiciled in the UK. Registered UK charity administered by Stuart Sawyers (
  13. SAS Association of Southern Africa (SASASA)
    Assists former Rhodesian SAS members. Non-registered fund administered by a committee under George Galbraith (
  14. Save Our Aged People (SOAP)
    Assists individual pensioners in Zim with food parcels. Non-registered Zim fund administered in Bulawayo by Louise Campbell (
  15. Zimbabwe A National Emergency (ZANE)
    Assists Zim pensioners, and individual pensioners who served the Crown. Registered UK charity administered by Tom Benyon (
  16. Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund (ZPSF)
    Collects food, medicines and scarce items for the needy aged in Zimbabwe, and delivers these items periodically to specific homes for the aged, in support of the PF. Non-registered SA organisation headed by Hannes Botha ( 
  17. Zimbabwe Rhodesia Relief Fund (ZRRF)
    Assists individuals worldwide from Zimbabwe, including Rhodesian war veterans. A Registered UK charity, Chairman Sir Nicholas Winterton MP, General Secretary W Denis Walker (

A number of churches and other organisations, as well as individuals, also provide welfare to Zim pensioners.

To improve coordination within Zimbabwe, there is now a Pensioner's Committee meeting held monthly including representatives from ZANE, SOAP, HIZ and PF. This has evolved from what used to be the PF committee meeting. Adopt a Grandparent donates their funds to PF, again for coordination purposes.

The above information is of necessity cryptic. Anyone wishing to know more about any particular organisation should approach that organisation direct, at the contact e-mail address given.  

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