Hast thou known a real love
that so endures with time
That suffers not from absences
nor varies with the clime?

Hast thou felt a sadness
for things you have not got
But kept a stoic exterior
as if they mattered not?

Hast thou ever wondered if
you made the right decision
When results of such have led to nought
but critical derision?

Hast thou ever nurtured
a wish to tread again
The old familiar paths of life
bar those which led to pain?

Hast thou though the virtue
to continue in the quest
Of asking nought of others
and of giving of your best?

Hast thou learned the lesson
that the spread of happiness
Results in great contentment
for which the Lord we bless?

I have.

James Honeybun
James Honeybun (dec.)