Hon. Ian Douglas Smith

courtesy the Hadfield's of Gwelo and the Edminson's of Salisbury

Ian Smith

To the late Ian Smith

On our return, from the theatre of war to Rhodesia. It was there at the Chaplin school, that I was introduced to Ian Smith my husbands friend at Chaplin, on the reunion day for the boys that returned. I found him, to be a brave gentleman who had suffered, like so many. But we looked forward to the peace and our thoughts to Rhodesia and over the years, he remained, that friend.
He served his country well. All Rhodesians were treated the same, black and white, he kept his word. In recent years Zimbabweans have asked him "Mr Smith we need you we are hungry and have no jobs".
To a wonderful man who loved his country. we will miss you.  "They gave there all to Great Britain in a time of war" 
From the Hadfield's of Gwelo and the Edminson's of Salisbury.