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Well, the Cappers are now back from their world trip and our new committee has settled into the swing of things and have many exciting events planned for the year. The first being our annual quiz night on Friday 26th July 1996. This is however a Quiz Night with a difference and not the normal affair. To find out just what they have cooked up for us this year make sure that you are there! Please make your reservations with the Cappers on 307 4790. We are again looking for sponsorship of prizes and anyone out there who could possibly donate something no matter how large or small should again please telephone Doug Capper. Your donations are gratefully received and very much appreciated as is your support at our functions. The Quiz night is always a great evening and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Our thanks is extended to Doreen Hutson who with husband Arthur, has been working hard for the M'dalas group for the past four years as Chairman - you really have done a wonderful job! We now welcome Doug Lyon who has agreed to take on this role and wish him many sucessful years as the new Chairman.

This being my final issue, I too bid you a final farewell and thank again the many people who have contributed to the Bundu Times over the past years. In particular, special thanks again to Tom and Eileen Henshaw and Alastair and Gavin Honeybun who have all contributed hughly to every issue and without whose hard work, often at midnight, the magazine may not have existed. The Committee will now be taking on the task of editing the magazine - please help by sending in copy.

Jenny Honeybun

Social Calendar

Tuesday 4th June 1996
     Venue: ANZAC Club
     St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 12th June 1996
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley
     on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley 459 8397
     All Welcome.
Thursday 20th June 1996.
     9.30am - 11am
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade William Street
     Perth. (Between Hay & Murray St).
     Contact: Doug Lyon
     on 295 3490. All Welcome.
Tuesday 2nd July 1996
     Venue: ANZAC Club
     St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 10th July 1996
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley
     on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley 459 8397
     All Welcome
Thursday 18th July 1996.
     9.30am - 11am.
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade, William Street
     Perth. (Between Hay & Murray St.)
     Contact: Doug Lyon
     on 295 3490.  All Welcome.
Friday 26th July 1996.
     With a Difference
     7.30pm sharp.
     Venue: Commonwealth Club
     Roberts Road, Subiaco.
     see main advert.
Thursday 26th September 1996
     Via Moore River, Guilderton, Gingin
     Details in next issue.

Dates to Remember
Winters Dinner Saturday 24th August 1996.
Christmas BBQ  8th December 1996 at McCullum Park South Perth

Regular business luncheons are organised in West Perth for members of
the Southern African community.

You are invited to join us to enjoy fine food, fun and fellowship.
Ladies especially welcome.

Enquiries to Tom Lane, telephone 321 8511 (Work) or 4475661 (Home).

Are you interested in meeting other single people for companionship -
the ocassional movie, coffee, fish & chips etc.?  There are many ladies
and gentlemen in W.A. who would like to socialise (not necessarily date)
others from the same background.  If you are between 35 and 55 years of
age and are interested in meeting others in the same situation or have
any ideas on this subject, please contact The Administrator, Doug &
Jackie Capper on 307 4790 and they will pass on the information to the

M'dalas Report

by Doreen Hutson.

Our March and April meetings were well attended, each attracting 54 people. At our March meeting we were pleased to welcome three visitors, namely Pat Baillie, Victoria Emmanuel and Edna Heseltine. The April meeting saw the Chairman of the Association dropping in for a chat and a cuppa, as well as Charles Scott and Claire Smith, granddaughter of Elsie Smith. Doug and Nancy Lyon, Doug and Judy Morley, Flo Tupman and Benetia Hodnett are all enjoying overseas leave and we wish them all a happy holiday. Many thanks to the ladies who willingly supply us with delicious eats at our monthly meetings.

A party of 28 M'dalas boarded the m.v. Classique on the 28th March for a cruise from Barrack Street Jetty to Fremantle, where a courtesy coach took us to Fishermans Kitchen for a fish and chip lunch and then returned us to the boat for our journey back to the city. It was an enjoyable and relaxing outing and we were even lucky enough to see dolphins as we approached Fremantle.

On Tuesday, 7th May, 31 M'dalas were taken by Roberts Luxury Coach to Mandurah, where we enjoyed a tasty two course luncheon at the magnificent Senior Citizens Club. After lunch we were entertained by Peter Williams, comedian/singer with guitar, singing old time favourites and raising many laughs with his endless stream of jokes.

Future outings will include a Wildflower Tour to Moore River, Guilderton, Gin Gin and Chittering Valley on Monday 26th September, and perhaps a whale watching excursion in October/November.

It is with sadness that we report the death of Cicely Sherrie Miles, dearest wife of Lionel, on Monday 22nd April. Our deepest sympathy goes to Lionel and his sister-in-law, Doreen Galbraith of Durban.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the kindness shown and assistance given to me during my four years as Chairman of the M'dalas group. It has been a happy and rewarding period of my life. Doug Lyon will be taking over from June, and I wish him many successful and happy meetings in the future.


by Gerry Emslie

For the first time in thirteen years business commitments in Malaysia prevented John Maltas accompanying Gerry Emslie to represent the Rhodesian Association at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Kings Park.

John's quiet sense of humour was missed but my oldest son, Michael, ably and enthusiastically stepped in to fill the breach and thus continue the tradition.

A good attendance of some six thousand paid their respects and I was again most impressed by the number of young people there. Their attendance every year augurs well for the future years and I admire them.

Michael placed the Association's wreath at the foot of the War Memorial as part of the official proceedings. As usual the card read": To All Rhodesians, black and white, who gave their lives in all wars".

There will be a number of former Rhodesians in Australia, and Western Australia particularly, who have lost loved ones in war. I hope thatthis quiet rememberance at a beautiful dawn service will be of comfort to them, and we thank them too for the sacrifice they have made.



I had the meanest Mother in the world. While other kids had lollies for breakfast, I had to eat cereal, egg and toast. While other kids had cans of drinks and lollies for lunch, I had to have a sandwich. As you can guess, my dinner was different from other kids too... As well as the food, we had to eat at a table and not in front of the television. She had to know who our friends were, where we were going and even told us what time we had to be home! You'd think we were on a chain gang or something.

I am ashamed to admit it, but Mother had the nerve to break child labour laws. She made us work. We had to wash dishes, make our beds and even learn to cook. That woman must have stayed awake at nights just thinking up things for us kids to do. She always insisted that we tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

By the time we were teenagers, our whole life became more unbearable. No tooting the car horn for the girls in our family to come running. She embarrassed us by insisting that the boys came to the door to get us. I forgot to mention that most of our friends were allowed to date at the mature age of 12 and 13. Our old-fashioned Mother refused to let us date before we were at least 15. She really raised a bunch of squares. None of us kids were ever arrested for shopfliting or busted for dope.

And whom do we have to thank for this? You're right ........our mean Mother!!

Every day we hear cries from both our people and politians about whatour country really needs.



To Pauline Allott and Nick Gelavis who announced their engagement on Saturday 20th April 1996.

To Conways Butchery and staff, Greg & Roz and Mike and Sheila, on opening your new butchery in Wembley.

CICELY SHERRIE MILES, Dearest wife of Lionel and sister of Doreen Galbraith of Durban, passed away on Monday 22nd April 1996 after a long illness bravely borne. Deeply mourned.

The RAWA committee and members offer their deepest sympathy to Lionel and Doreen.

Dick Oliver of Bunbury
Gordon and Sue Stuart of Applecross
C & M Warren of South Perth
Maarten & Janine Hardy of Bunbury

Dave and Sarie Wilton ex Mangula
Kathleen Redman ex Umtali
Edna Heseltine ex UK, Bulawayo & Harare.
Alma Dempsey ex Bulawayo.

A reliable and responsible housesitter with references from Rhodesians.
Beate Busse (W) 382 6330 (H)309 5571 c/o Grant & Mary.

At Helena Valley (inspection Invited).  Phone Arthur 294 4285.
Panga Panga Boards, ex Mocambique: Dimensions in centimetres)
One Board 330 x 22 x 2.   One Board  176 x 22 x 2.
One Board 210 x 13 x 2.   Two Boards 330 x 13 x 2.

This beautiful timber was dismantled from an elevator in (former) Umtali
and could be made into unique table tops.  $150 the lot.

Makoni Tribal Drum $500

Askari Statuette: beautiful soapstone statuette of askari with radio and
tracker dog on leash. $70.  Phone 294 4285.

Editors note:  the above wood is certainly lovely and would suit any
handyman interested in woodwork, whilst the above statuette is a
collectors art piece and  would certainly  enhance a corner of the
lounge or hall to be admired by visitors.

WANTED - Information on Mozambique and Kariba.
In my limited spare time, I am researching a novel set in the 50's and
am keen to talk to any Mdalas whose brains I could pick.  One area of
research is Mozambique, and I don't mean Beira and piri-piri prawns!  I
am interested in the area between Beira and Umtali - the way it was in
the 50s' for someone who lived or worked there.

I'd also like to talk to anyone who was at Kariba during the building of
the dam, and knew the place well at that time.
Please call Maureen De La Harpe on 299 6588 if you can help.

WANTED - Reasonably priced accomodation in Albany for retired couple
hoping to move there shortly.  Call Arthur 294 4285.
Please add the following to the directory
Please remove the following from the directory:
Y. Beezley Anreps.
Anne Vernig

Obituary to Bill Sheppard MBE

William George Sheppard MBE, the founder of the Churchill School Pipe Band, died in Adelaide on 15th January 1996 the day before his 86th birthday. He was visiting his daughter Cora Ann kobus, her husband Hilton and their family, and was due to return to his cottage at Moline House, Karrinyup later that month.

Bill was born in Bloemfontein and educated at Grey College. His father was from Ballarat, Victoria, and his mother from Gourock, Scotland. Her indluence led to Bill learing the bagpipes in the Bloemfontein Caledonian Pipe Band under the tuition pf Pipe Major Sandy Grieve.

After leaving school; Bill worked as a draughtsman with South African Railways before joining the Cape Town City Council. There he studied for and obtained his town planning diploma through correspondence courses run by the Royal Town Planning Institute in London.

Bill anmd his late wife Cora were married in Cape Town in September 1937, but soon afterwards Bill left to serve in North Africa with the Cape Town Highlanders. The CTH is affilliated with The Gordon Highlanders and it is therefore no coincidence that the Gordon tartan or the regiment he so loved became part of the uniform proudly worn by the Churchill School Pipe Band.

In 1947 Bill, Cora and their two small children, Aiton and Cora Ann, migrated to Rhodesia. Bill was appointed City Planner with the Salisbury Municipality which he served until retirement in January 1970. He was responsible for the planning of that beautiful city through the rapid growth it experienced during the years of Federation. Harare has much to thank him for.

The Churchill School Pipe Band was started by Bill in 1948 at the insistence of its first headmaster, the late "Geeves" Hougaard. The band had very similar traditions to the Scotch College Pipe Band in Perth which coincidentally, started in the same year.

Churchill made the most ambitious tour ever undertaken by a Commonwealth school when the band toured the UK in 1961. While on tour it [layed before Her Majesty at a Command Performance in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, performed in the Royal Tournament, competed in the World Pipe Band Championships in Edinburugh, and visited Lady Churchill at Chartwell (Sir Winston was unfortunately away painting in France at the time so the original purpose of the tour to meet him was lost) Many Winstonians now living in WA will have fond memories of the band and its founder who also founded the very successful Piping Society of Rhodesia. He was an unassuming man with exceptional integrity. He leaves two children, three grandchildren and a great grandson.

Aiton Sheppard.


10th August 1910 - 24th March 1996

On Sunday 24th March 1996 Joan Kelly passed away at the age of 85. She was living at the Eva Tilley Memorial Home in Melbourne. Mrs Kelly was well known to many ex-Rhodesians in Perth and at one time was an active member of the M'dalas.

Born in Port Shepstone, Natal in 1910 she was brought up and educated in Pietermaritzburg. She moved to Rhodesia in 1944 where she married her husband in Bulawayo. In December 1954 they moved to Salisbury and were one of the first people to build and live in Chisipite. In those days there were no schools, roads or shopping centres in the area and people were considered mad living so far out - a mere 7 miles.

Joan Kelly was well known to many of the children at Oriel Girls and Oriel Boys School but was particularly acclaimed for her magnificent garden. She was a wonderfully caring, very unselfish person who will be missed very much. Rest in Peace.

Mother of Helen, Roderick, Brendan, Christopher and Jean. Step mother of John. Grandmother to Robert, Adam, Neil, Justin, Anne-Marie, Deidre, Hanna and Antonia.

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