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Our Annual General Meeting was held at the Commonwealth Club, Subiaco on Friday 23rd February 1996. As usual the turn out was good - 37 people including two new members. The meeting as usual was short giving people the opprotunity to enjoy the free refreshments and snacks whilst socialising.

The outgoing committee was thanked and new committee members were voted in as follows John D'Urban, Mike Noble, Don McLure and Alice Waddacor. Well done and a huge welcome to you all. A big welcome also goes to Mr Doug Lyon who in June will become the M'dalas Chairman replacing Mrs Doreen Hutson who has ably run the M'dalas for the past four years. Regrettably no one came forward to take the Chair so Ted Watson has agreed to stand for a final year. The position of Editor has still not been filled - anyone interested please contact Doug Capper.

We have had no organised functions to report on since the Christmas Braai however some great functions are being planned for this year - further details will appear in each issue of the Bundu Times so when it arrives promptly mark these dates and occassions in your diary. The venue for this past years' braai was voted as being so successful along with the wonderful Warwick Grove Butchery's donation of borewors, that we have decided to hold next year's Christmas braai at the same place. A big thank you to Warwick Grove Butchery! Lets see if we can perhaps start building up the numbers attending the organised functions. Please don't feel shy, in fact we would ask you to bring along friends and also advise other Africans known to you of up and coming functions. You do not have to be members to come along to the functions and no pressure will be placed upon anyone to join the Association - LETS DOUBLE THE ATTENDANCES THIS YEAR!!

This year Eddie Preston will be arranging a camping weekend, Keith Waddacor will be arranging golf, John Milton will do the tennis whilst Pat Dunn will do the cricket. Any suggestions or help you may be able to offer please contact these people and keep an eye on the Bundu Times (that is if there is one!).

The next issue will now definitely being my final issue if there is anything you wish to be included please get it to me now as it is now nearly complete.

Jenny Honeybun


To use the words vibrant, exciting, strong and viable would be very nice to describe the Association as it is today. Well, in fact to a large degree these comments can be made but not in such strong terms. It has always amazed me as each year goes by that the Association is still retaining its fairly strong membership, and it is still steadily attracting new members. As others slipped away, more joined. In 1995, the social activities attracted good interest for most functions, especially the BBQ's and of course the wonderful turnout for the Dinner/Dance. The financial status for the Association again remains strong and has performed similar to that of 1994 as it is predicted that subscriptions for 1996 will remain the same as for 1995. Our surplus funds along with projected income will see us through all of 1996. An offer of a $400 subsidy has been made to the M'dalas and may be taken up during 1996 if required. Our fixed deposit rose to $5274 and earned us some interest which was good news. Here, I must again thank Tom Lane for his precise scrutiny of the Association's accounting ledgers and the detailed statement of accounts. I commend Tom for this sterling contribution and ask members to study the Financial Report.

Good quality editions of the Bundu Times were produced during the year and as this production forms a major expense for the year it is pleasing to report that costs have again been contained to a fairly realistic and acceptable level.

Social functions during 1995 on the average paid their way and in some cases showed a surplus. It was decided by Committee that as the accounts showed a healthy balance that an end of year Dinner/Dance was worthy of receiving a small subsidy. The event was a huge success and the Committee's decision was well worth it. The only major drawback to the year was the actual members on Committee. It's members have dwindled to an unacceptable level and it is here that we must look for new blood to come into Committee, enjoy themselves, learn about the affairs of the Association and help us have a rewarding and successful year. Meetings are only held for about an hour 11 times during the Committee's year, not a daunting task for anyone, so VOLUNTEER NOW, don't delay!



We have come to the end of another year with the Rhodesian Association, and I must congratulate my committee and helpers on a job well done. Namely Doug & Jacky Capper, Jenny Honeybun and family, Arthur and Doreen Hutson, my wife Fiona and other members I will name later, without whom I can assure you there would have been no functions this year. The committee have tried different venues and ideas to try and get a few more people to attend. The committee plan all the events at least three months in advance, and last year we have some successes and some not sogood. For the first time last year we have sixteen people participate in the Anzac march in Wanneroo and I was very proud to lead the Rhodesians with the Rhodesian Flag.

Houghton's winery was a popular venue for one of our barbecues. I know this year the committee is looking at having a church service at a historic little church in the vineyard prior to going on to the barbecue at Houghtons. We had our annual quiz night which I am sure the people who attended enjoyed. Another new item this year was the Bingo night, which unfortunately was a bitterly cold night and not so well attended. But the success of the year was definitely the ball which was held at Kings Park Tennis Club. Special thanks must go to John and Rosemary Milton who helped organise the evening and who did a wonderful job choosing the venue, catering and band. Thanks must go to Wendy Baillie for the lovely flower arrangements on the tables, Jenny and Gavin for all the behind the scenes work. All I did was blow balloons with Malcolm Baillie, Doug and Jacky Capper, Jenny and Gavin and the Honeybun kids.

The Mdalas had a very good year with an average attendance of 50 people. They and several outings and I was fortunate to go out to the Botanic Golf with them and had a lot of laughs on the putt-putt course. A very special thank you to Doreen and Arthur Hutson and committee. The coffee mornings have flourished throughout the year thanks to Helen Hamley and Yvonne Beasley.

Thanks must also be extended to the Bundu Times team namely Jenny Honeybun and Tom Henshaw who, during the year, have produced some fine issues I am sure you will all agree.

Doug Capper has kept a tight rein on the finances, for which he must be congratulated. I must thank my committee for all they have done in the past year, and wish the incoming committee all the best.

Before ending, I do ask that everybody thinks about getting on the committee. It does make it a lot easier where there are more of you.

Ted Watson.

Social Calendar

Tuesday 2nd April 1996
     Venue: ANZAC Club
     St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 10th April 1996
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley
     on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley 459 8397
     All Welcome.
Thursday 18th April 1996.
     9.30am - 11am
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade William Street
     Perth. (Between Hay & Murray St).
     Contact: Doreen Hutson
     on 291 9410. All Welcome.
Tuesday 7th May 1996
     Venue: ANZAC Club
     St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 8th May 1996
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley
     on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley 459 8397
     All Welcome
Thursday 16th May 1996.
     9.30am - 11am.
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade, William Street
     Perth. (Between Hay & Murray St.)
     Contact: Doreen Hutson
     on 291 9410.  All Welcome.
Sunday 19th May 1996.
     11.30am for 12 noon.
     Contact: Rose Webster 332 3425
     Claire Maltas 364 2135 or
     Veronica Emslie 332 1337
     Bookings essential.
     Please contact and advise all
     ex-Noalimba folk known to you who
     are not members and who will not
     receive this information.

Regular business luncheons are organised in West Perth for members of
the Southern African community.

You are invited to join us to enjoy fine food, fun and fellowship.
Ladies especially welcome.

Enquiries to Tom Lane, telephone 321 8511 (Work) or 4475661 (Home).

Are you interested in meeting other single people for companionship -
the ocassional movie, coffee, fish & chips etc.?  There are many ladies
and gentlemen in W.A. who would like to socialise (not necessarily date)
others from the same background.  If you are between 35 and 55 years of
age and are interested in meeting others in the same situation or have
any ideas on this subject, please contact The Administrator, Doug &
Jackie Capper on 307 4790 and they will pass on the information to the

M'dalas Annual Report 1995

by Doreen Hutson.

We maintained our attendance at our monthly meetings in the vicinity of 50 except when inclement weather took its toll. Our numbers, unfortunately have dropped due to illness and difficulties with transport being experienced by some members of advanced age. We sadly record the deaths of Val Johnson, Jim Laing and Mona Foy who are sincerely missed.

Two outings to the Botanical Golf were held for our golfing enthusiasts and we must thank the Learmonths and Mays for arranging the donation of prizes. Members also attended the various Association's functions, possibly in not as great a number as attended our monthly meetings but this is entirely due to transport problems in reaching the venues.

Our Christmas luncheon held at the Wentworth Plaza Hotel attracted 54, and our visitors included the Association's Chairman Ted Watson and his wife Fiona. Other visitors were members' guests, namely David and Margaret Roninson, Claire Maltas, Marion Johns and Molly Chisnall. Our door prize winners were greatly applauded for their impromptu song and dance act - "Zulu Warrior". The beautifully decorated dining room and tables added to the festive atmosphere, and this year we were able to provide from our M'dala's funds complimentary jugs of wine and fruit juice.

My thanks, together with those from all members, go to the roster tea ladies for their excellent and cheerful dispensing at our monthly meetings, and to Margaret Craft for arranging the roster. Genuine thanks as always to Peggy Gibb our voluntary Treasurer for her invaluable service.

In view of my having been in the Chair for four years this April, and my husband Arthur attending the Association's Committee meetings as my representative, I feel it is time for a change. I am pleased to inform the meeting that Mr Douglas Lyon has agreed to take over as Chairman of the M'dalas Group in June 1996.

In this, my final report, I would like to record my appreciation of the financial assistance give to the M'dalas by the Association. As our monthly attendance fee was increased we hope that we can do without the usual generous grant of $400 given by the Association for the year 1996.

I would like to thank the past and present Association Committee members and especially the Administrator, Doug Capper, for their cooperation, and to the M'dalas for their attendance, humour and help at meetings.

Thank you all.

Doreen Hutson

Extract of a letter From the Good Hope Christian Group

Eddie Preston has sent in a letter From the Good Hope Christian Group looking for supporters in Australia .

"Dear Friends

You may remember that in May 1994 we included in our newsletter report the plight of Kevin Woods, Philip Conjwayo, Michael Smith, Barry Bawden & Denis "Sammy" Beahan.

We indicated in that report that they were serving life imprisonment for assisting the South African Defence Force raids on Zimbabwe at the height of the ANC's armed struggle against the former SA government.

We had, together with others, campaigned for the death sentence to be removed and were at that time reporting that the waiving of the death sentence had been sucessful. We also reported that although President Mugabe had rejected repeated appeals from the South African Department of Foreign Affairs and the ANC to free the five in line with the wholesale pardons given to saboteurs held in Pretoria's prisons, it was still our hope that their release would take place in the not too distant future. For this we said, we hoped and prayed.

Sadly, over twelve months later, they still remain in prison.

We have also learnt that President Nelson Mandela has approved the granting of South African citizenship to them - a clear indication of reconciliation by the new South African government. But the Zimbabwean authorities have not seen fit to realease them."

Mrs Wanda Teakle (Jondaryan, Queensland) has worked tirelessly and persistently on behalf of these men and she has recently had a further letter from Michael Woods, brother of Kevin Woods, asking if there is anything further that could be done.

Our suggestion for our many friends in Australia is, first we think prayer is absolutely essential, but in a more practical way we wonder if you would start sending greetings and reading matter to these men. It is our experience that once the authorities see that so many people are concerned for them, they (the authorities) seem to take greater notice, which we hope will help in getting them released.

The address to which your correspondence and magazines can be sent is:

Chikurubi Prison
P. Bag 7392

Please keep up your prayers and support and give these men the hope they need.

W. Denis Walker, Chingford, U.K.


MELK TART - Mrs M.L. Malan.

For puff pastry, made out of 1lb butter and 1lb flour, which will make 6
milk tarts in dinnerplates, I give you the following filling:

6 cups milk                   7 tblspns butter
1 1/2 cups sugar              1 tsp almond essence
4 eggs

Method - Boil milk.  Beat yolks of eggs well, add 3/4 cup cold milk:
mix flour and sugar and add to egg yolks and milk; stir in boiling milk,
then add butter, take off heat and let cool down, put in  stiffly beaten
egg whites  and almond essence.  It is then ready to be placed into
plates lined with pastry.  Do not let filling get too cold before
putting into the pastry.  Bake in hot oven from 450 - 500 degrees.  If
desired sprinkle with cinnamon.


Examination for the Initial Issue of Commercial pilot's Licence

Time Allowed:  Three hours.    Pass Mark 75%.

Candidates Full Name_______________________________________ 5 marks
1)  On the front of the VHF radion set is a switch marked "ON" and
"OFF".  In which of these two positions can you expect to get the best
reception?                                                       10

2)  When an aeroplane takes off - does it go:  UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS/North?
When you take off - do you go: UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS/NORTH/DON'T KNOW?     10

3)  Name the odd man out:  VC 10; DC 7; B 707; QE 2?                  5

4)  If an aeroplane has a lot of drag - does it mean
     a) Pilots are dressed up as hostesses?
     b) Resistance to airflow?
     c) Being towed behind a tractor?                            5 marks

5)  If two red balls are displayed on the Signal Lower Mast - does it
     a) The Controller is a red Indian?
     b) Thers is a "balls up" in Air Traffic Control?
     c) There is a Glyder flying?                                5 marks

6)  Which undercarriage position would you select for a normal landing?
Give your reasons.                                               5

7)  If the runway visibility at an airport was reported as 50 metres -
what kind of weather would you expect to find?
a) Fog?    b) Thunderstorms?   c)  Windy?                        15

8)  If one metere equals 39,36 inches - how a far is 50 metres?
Give your answer in metres.                                 10 marks

9)  Is an Isobar an:
a) An Ice Cream Parlour?
b) Czar of Russia?
c) Line of equal atmospheric pressure?                      10 marks

10)  A Barrell Roll is a:
a) Aerobatic manoevre?
b) Laying a barmaid?
c) Rolling a keg?                                           10 marks

11)  What is the opposite of a Colf Front?
a)  A hot behind?
b) Warm Front?                                              10 marks

12)  Who was the first person to fly the English Channel?

a) Eamon Andrews?
b) Victor Mike Charlie?
c) M. Bleriot
d) Atilla the hun                                           10 marks

13)  Plotting:  You are flying from Point A to point B on the chart
printed below.  With the aid of a straight edged ruler, draw in the
track you would follow.  (Extra paper is available on request).  10

  X                                       X
Point A                                 Point B

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