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Greetings and good wishes to everyone for a wonderful New year.

Our Christmas Barbecue held on the banks of the Swan River at McCullum Park in South Perth was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Father Christmas was of course a great hit with the children who came (regrettably not many were present) - one little chap in particular, made the whole show worthwhile as he was overjoyed with Father Christmas's appearance. Folk who attended all commented favourably on the new location for the Christmas function and the main reason being that it was not such a crowded venue as Kings Park where we normally have several other groups congregated at the same time with several Father Christmases (rather confusing if you are only four years old!). Being next to the river with abundant shade and space was another factor favourable in this years' choice.

This is regrettably my last issue of The Bundu Times and my last role on the RAWA Committee with Gavin and myself having now worked for the Association for five years. These years have been most enjoyable and we really have met some of the nicest people in the world amongst the Rhodesians/Zimbabweans of W.A. Gavin as most people know, has spent the past two + years travelling with his work and is only in Perth two days each week, sometimes only fortnightly and with my various committee involvements and other commitments I have found that I have become swamped (in fact drowned) with several committees work. I have two young children who are constantly having to play second fiddle - it is grossly unfair to them and their needs have to take precedence.

As we approach our Annual General Meeting (Friday 23rd February 1995) I would urge everyone to give some thought to your Association. For the past two years the committee has had only a couple of members who have battled on (quite happily I may add), however if no new members volunteer we will probably find that our Association collapses in a heap. YES!!! this is the reality of the situation - NO COMMITTEE, NO ASSOCIATION, NO MAGAZINE AND NO CONTINUITY OF RHODESIANS!!! A dreadfully sad fact indeed. These are not scare tactics but reality. It's up to you the members. Please also remember that your subscriptions are now due for the 1996 year so help our cash flow by sending these in soonest and in addition to this encourage a few new members!

During the past five years after each event, when the thank you are being said, there are five people never mentioned. These five people in addition to helping behind the scenes of the association are at Association functions early, helping to set up, move tables, chairs etc, run errands, make snacks, butter rolls, hand out names tags, sell raffle tickets (and occasionally have been know to accidentally drop a few kilos of the heavy raffle prize!!), decorate venues, blow up balloons, bear the brunt of frustrated adults preparing the do etc, etc. After the function these same five little people have to clear away, clean, pick up rubbish, lug all the stuff back to the cars and into the house. An ENORMOUS THANK YOU to ROBYNNE, GEMMA & TAMARA CAPPER and DALE & KAREN HONEYBUN You all do so much unrecognised work which we do appreciate.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone out there who has supported me so often and given me the encouragement which I have so appreciated. Special thanks to Gavin, Doug and Jacky and Tom and Eileen Henshaw.

Jenny Honeybun

Social Calendar

Friday 26th January 1996
     PUB NIGHT 5.30pm onwards
     Venue: Commonwealth Club
     Roberts Road, Subiacco
     Families & guests welcome.
Tuesday 6th February 1996
     Venue: ANZAC Club
     St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 14th February 1996
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley
     on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley 459 8397
     All Welcome.
Thursday 15th February 1996.
     9.30am - 11am
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade William Street
     Perth. (Between Hay & Murray St).
     Contact: Doreen Hutson
     on 291 9410. All Welcome.
Friday 23rd February 1996
     5.30pm for 6pm start
     Venue: Commonwealth Club
     Roberts Road Subiacco
     Details: Doug Capper 307 4790
Tuesday 5th March 1996
     Venue: ANZAC Club
     St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 13th March 1996
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley
     on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley 459 8397
     All Welcome
Thursday 21st March 1996.
     9.30am - 11am.
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade, William Street
     Perth. (Between Hay & Murray St.)
     Contact: Doreen Hutson
     on 291 9410.  All Welcome.

Regular business luncheons are organised in West Perth for members of
the Southern African community.

You are invited to join us to enjoy fine food, fun and fellowship.
Ladies especially welcome.

Enquiries to Tom Lane, telephone 321 8511 (Work) or 4475661 (Home).

Are you interested in meeting other single people for companionship -
the ocassional movie, coffee, fish & chips etc.?  There are many ladies
and gentlemen in W.A. who would like to socialise (not necessarily date)
others from the same background.  If you are between 35 and 55 years of
age and are interested in meeting others in the same situation or have
any ideas on this subject, please contact The Administrator, Doug &
Jackie Capper on 307 4790 and they will pass on the information to the

M'dalas Mushings

by Doreen Hutson.

Our November meeting attracted 48 people who as always enjoyed a chat and a delicious tea supplied by our 'ever willing' ladies.

December - 54 enthusiastic M'dalas and guests gathered at 11.30am to partake of pre-lunch cocktails which were followed by the usual excellent Christmas fare put on by the Wentworth Plaza Hotel.

Our guests of honour were the President Ted Watson and his charming wife Fiona. Other guests of members included David and Margaret Robinson, Marion Johns, Claire Maltas and Molly Chisnall. A welcoming speech was made by our Chairman and a short address by the President, and this was followed by the drawing of seven door prizes. The lucky (or unlucky!) recipients were persuaded to show their appreciation by rendering the song "Mow Him Down You Zulu Warrior" together with appropriate actions and gestures. The side- show was enthusiastically applauded by the remaining diners who felt somewhat mollified at not winning a prize!

Will M'dalas please note that due to an increase in fees for the Wesley Centre Auditorium to $50 an hour our meetings will commence at 9.30am and finish at 11am. Please see social calendar in Bundu Times.

Doreen Hutson

Answer to Clive Gregory's article

Extracts of letter from Mrs Mary Raeside of Tarpeena, South Australia


Just a brief answer to Clive Gregory's concern "We Owe Them" he should have no fears that we will ever forget the men that gave their lives for Rhodesia as a mother that had three sons in the war (School of Signals, SAS & PATU) and fortunate to have them all returned safe I won't be forgetting our beloved Rhodesia nor Ian Smith. Having arrived in Rhodesia in my 20s' and leaving in my 50s'(1985) my memories of our wonderful country will be with me till I die! We will always be a special nation of people and I have been in Australia ten years and still haven't got used to the people. This is a true story - I was in Adelaide while my husband was in hospital and I happened to meet two old Scots ladies who were both in their 70s' and widows. They had just won a holiday back to Scotland and we got chatting. I asked them how long they had been in Australia, they said 40 years so I said what do you think of it and was taken aback by their reply. Love the country the old dears said but I can't take to the Aussies. So I didn't feel so bad after ten years as it was exactly my sentiments. Also i would love a tape of the "Sweet Banana RAR" - if someone is prepared to sell one I would be happy to pay. Rhodesia is still beautiful I was there two months ago.

Mary Raeside.

Sentiments about our country are reflected by one and all. Perhaps someone out there could copy the aforementioned tape for Mrs Raeside and post it to her at 5 West Street, Tarpeena 5277, South Australia.


Many former Rhodesians will be saddened to hear of the passing of LIZ JOLL who died in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia on December 23rd 1995.

I know few details at the time of writing, but apparently she died of heart failure although quite peacefully.

Never was anyone more aptly named than Liz because I never saw her anything but Jolly!! She always seemed to be enjoying her life to the full and if there were disappointments (neither marriage seems to have been successful but she never talked about them) she gave no sign. She flung herself into her work in radio, television and the theatre with enormous enthusiasm as well as running her popular Beauty Salon. She was always a delight to work with and was always full of laughter and gaiety which was infectious to say the least.

Liz is survived by her daughter Maryanne, her son-in-law and two grandchildren.

You were much loved Liz and you will be much missed. It was a joy to know you and the memory will linger on. Rest in Peace.

Geoffrey Atkins.

Our sympathy is extended to the family from Rhodesians around the globe.


JAMES MORRISON CONCERT 10th February 1996 by Rotary Club of Karrinyup.
To be held at Belvoir Valley Amphitheatre Great northern Highway, Upper
Swan.  Tickets $25.00 Licenced venue and limit to size of picnic
If interested in making up a group please contact Ken Godwin 447 6344 as
soon as possible.  Limit of 3000 people.

Lawn Bowls with carrying case
Henselite Size 4 3/4". Suitable for male or female. Price $55 or nearest
offer.  Telephone Roy Killick 279 1150

Maxine and Peter Fey (responsible, mature Rhodesians) are available to
house sit your home from early January to April 1996.
Please telephone 448 6125


1.5kg stewing mutton               25ml curry powder
salt & pepper                      3ml fennel seeds
50g margarine                      50ml yoghurt 0r coconut milk
1 large onion finely chopped       15 curry leaves
10ml fresh ginger, scraped         410g can of tomatoes
and finely chopped                 75ml water
10ml finely chopped garlic         5ml garam masala
1 small piece cinnamon stick       25g chopped corriander leaves
2 large peeled & quartered potatoes


Heat margarine & oli.  Saute onions for 10minutes, stirring until onions
are soft & golden.  Add ginger & garlic and cook for a further 2
minutes.   Reduce heat, add curry powder, fennel, cinamon, curry leaves
& tumeric.  Fry for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.  Add mutton pieces &
potatoes and when well coated, stir in tomatoes & water.  Simmer for one
hour or until mutton is tender.  Add garam masala, corriander & yoghurt.
Simmer for a further five minutes.  Serve with rice and sambals.  Serves

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