Give that man a cigar!

Charles Smith, of Mosman Park, Perth, has sent in this letter and list of medical terms, and their meanings in modern-day South Africa.

Dear Doug,
After you have perused the enclosed, and it passes the Censor!! you might like to arrange for publication in the Bundu Times.
As you may well know, Dr Zuma has been the South African Minister of Health in the Mandela Government from the Word Go, at that time, her backround being rather obscure, you can well imagine what was said about Witch Doctors, and such comments!! The good Dr really made a name for herself by recruiting the Doctors From Cuba. It was no hardship for these fellows to leave Cuba, where they were paid 20/ 30 US Dollars a day, should I say the equivalent there of. So with doubtful credentials, lots of them hastily left the Island of the workers Paradise!


Dr Nkosana Zuma's medical terms for Cuban doctors