M'dalas Report

Hip hooray for Margaret!

THE M'dalas meeting of April 13 was attended by 54 members. It was noted that Margaret Croft's hip operation had been successful and she was making good progress. Events held and forthcoming events included:

Botanic Golf Gardens on May 6. Coach Tour and conducted tour of the Mail Exchange followed by lunch at Kaillis restaurant in Fremantle on May 13. Sunday Lunch at Chalet Rigi on June 13.

M'dala's Christmas lunch has been booked for December 16 at Wentworth Plaza Hotel.

Denis Hoyes presented the Zimbabwe Report which included news of an outbreak of cholera in Harare.

Another item concerned the fact that BHP Australia has pulled out from the platinum mining project at Chegutu due to frustration dealing with Government officials. On a lighter note Mike Bray read out an amusing poem of his own composition and the Chairman read out a list of medical definitions supposedly provided by the Ministry of Health in South Africa for the benefit of Cuban Doctors working in that country.