Anzac parade

TWENTY Rhodesians gathered under the flag behind the veterans from the Burma Star, Normandy, Dunkirk and Pegasus and in front of the North American Vets. Beret's identified the respective units with own medals worn on the left and other medals on the right. We watched the various army, navy, airforce units lead by various bands pass our position whilst we waited to join in. Doug Capper lead the Rhodesian contingent with Sergeant Charles Scott and Sergeant Richard Blick being the flag bearers. Both sides of the street all the way to the Esplanade were thronged with spectators with the occasional voice shouting out "Hooray for Rhodesia." At the Esplanade a commemoration service was conducted by the Returned and Services League with hymns, prayers, the Last Post and Reville. After addresses, further hymns and prayers we dispersed, glad to be part of the parade.