Committee 1999

Graham Blick 53 Davallia Rd

DUNCRAIG WA 6023 Tel: 9448 6941


Doug Capper 1 Byron Court

KALLAROO WA 6025 Tel: 9307 4790


Clem Barratt 30 Morrison Way

Willetton 6155 Tel: 9354 1136


Douglas Lyon 37 Helena Street

Mundaring WA 6073 Tel: 9295 3490


Don Maclure 3 Spring Close

Greenwood W. A. 6025

Tel: 93438840

Lorene Hayden 2/ 100 Loftus Street

Leederville WA 6007

Tel: 9328 4825

Derek Whyte 6 Placid Court

Joondalup WA 6027

Tel: 9300 2810



Graham steps into breach

GRAHAM BLICK has very kindly offered to be our new Chairman, with Don McClure offering to stay on the committee so we are in good shape, thanks to the respective persons.

The last couple of months have been busy with a successful BBQ at Point Walter, joining in the Anzac Parade and joyful Sundowners at the Irish Club. And with many thanks to Will Dunlop of the Gallery Innerspace Westgate Harare, Rhodesians/ Zim-babweans were able to view some superb nostalgic paintings by Ian Henderson. Accommpanied by authentic Zimbabwean wine and Mazoe Orange.

It certainly helps to keep our community together.

Upcoming events include a Sunday Lunch at Chalet Rigi in the hills on June 13. Contact either myself or Doug Capper to make your bookings.

Unfortunately, we have had some errors in advising of correct dates for various Association activities so the Social Calendar has been re-vamped for this edition. Eddie Preston has forwarded to me updated information on theHarare 4 -Barry Bawden, Philip Conjwayo, Michael Smmith and Kevin Woods. If any reader requires information please contact Eddie on phone 94502888 or P. O. Box 78 Como 6952. The Association was provided with a copy of a superb magazine entitled African Safari with many articles and pictures of Southern Africa which is sure to bring back a lot of memories.

Please contact Doug Capper if you want to borrow the magazine. Included in this edition is an extract of a project written by Graham

Blick on early days in Shamva. I am always looking for interesting and original material and I again appeal to readers to forward to me antecdotes of their experiences in bygone days.


The History of Shamva By Graham Blick

IN 1969 I commenced gathering information and carrying out research for a history thesis which I majored in during my teacher training at Teachers College, Bulawayo, Rhodesia. The Teachers College was part of the Faculty of Education of the

University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. My parents lived in Shamva at this time and therefore it was quite convenient for me to undertake this project. Also, there was a great deal of history, pre-colonial, colonial and post occupation. The local population of Shamva and its immediate surrounds were most helpful as were many other former residents, some well into their 90s at this stage.

Ednie-Anne Logan, my parents Graham and Margaret Blick and Theo Hastings were all very supportive, encouraging and forthcoming with ideas, anecdotes, sources and incidents. On submission of my thesis in 1970, I was awarded a Distinction and the Shamva Rural Council decided that they would print the thesis at their cost for non-profit sale to local residents, post residents, Universities and other interested parties. About 700 copies were printed, sold and circulated worldwide. It is now 30 years later and a dusty, fading single copy is being resuscitated and beginning this issue, on Page 13 excerpts are being printed in the Bundu Times on another continent. Extraordinary!