Thanks, one and all!

ANOTHER year has gone by and we are looking for a new Committee. I sincerely thank the outgoing Com-mittee for all their hard work ably lead by Don Maclure in the chair.

Stewart Milne and Michelle Gilmour gave us an injection of young blood and it has been most enjoyable working with them. Graham Blick arranged a most successful 20th Anniversary Dinner and provided much other support to the committee and I thank him.

These members are not standing again and I appeal for nominations to replace them.

Doug Lyon and Doug Capper continue to provide a strong stabilis-ing force to the Association

I also want to thank our advertisers and encourage members to support them.

And to continue, I also thank Tom Henshaw for all the support he has given me during the year and the extra work he provided in compiling the 20th Anniversary edition.

Additionally I would like to thank our printers, Copyright Plan printing, in accommodating our special requirements for that edition.

And looking forward to the New Year, our association does need funds to provide services to you, our members.

Please if you do know of new advertisers please advise us, and similarly please support them.

I also strongly encourage those of you who pass your magazine on to others on a regular basis, to persuade them them join the Association. It doesn't cost a lot and it all helps.

I have received some contributions and article cuttings and I thank the respective contributors.

Whilst it is very understandable to get bitter about recent events in Zimbabwe life still moves on, as is illustrated by a card I received from a friend.

"The political and economic situation here worsens daily and we are all struggling to keep abreast with inflation. Riots and strikes are the order of the day - YET this is still such a beautiful country."

Let us remember the nostalgia and heritage that still bonds us.

If you ring up a government department and complain to a person, the reply is "I am not the one."

If you ring up a government department and praise someone, the reply is "I am the very one."

Cast your mind back and enjoy the article on some Zimenglish reproduced from a decade ago.