Here is the news . . .

The following was published in BT way back in 1981, but we thought it might make a bit of light relief from the usual dreadful news coming out of Zimbabwe . . .

Having said that, I wonder how a white newsreader would go trying to present the news on Shona?


Gillian Godsmark sent in this example of some of the language on the TV news in Zimbabwe.

The spelling catches the true pronunciation beautifully.

AGENNEST - against, as in agennest the wall.

ARIAS - regions or districts as in ebon areas (see ebon).

BENT - consumed by fire.

BUTTER - to bargain, trade in commodities.

CUT - a small, donkey drawn vehicle.

CUM - peesful, unruffled: "All is cum in the roorul arias."

EBON - pertaining to built-up arias. - not roorul.

FEATHER - a greater distance : "Swidden is feather noth then Spen."

GET - a hinged device in the fennes around the gadden.

ITCH - each, as in " to itch his owen."

JOCK - a funny story.

KENNEL - a high ranking officer.

KIPPER - a custodian, as in house kipper.

LO - legislation, as in: "The police kip lo in odour".

MERRY - to join in matrimony.

MESSES - those who pay no income tax .. the toyling messes.

ODOUR - what the police help to kip. Also an instruction: "The kennel gave me an odour."

PARROT - unloful, as in parrot taxi.

PHELGM - fire, the burning tip of a kendle.

RIP - to harvest a crop.

SET ON - definite, sure: "I am kawhite set on."

TOCK - to communicate by wed of mowith.

PEEZANT - a hewer of wood and a drawer of water.

WELD - our planet, the Eth.

WED - an item of vocubulary.