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How many of the Salisbury folk used to take a leisurely drive out to Mazoe Dam and hotel or further on through the citrus orchards on to the Coach House Inn at Bindura for a Sunday outing? Remember the wonderful perfume of the orange blossom at certain times of the year and the evergreen trees in the dusty surrounds at other times! Well you may like to travel back down memory lane by a trip along Tourist Way 359 into the Chittering Valley. At this time of the year the countryside is beautiful with green hills and valleys, a stream following the road, cattle, sheep, goats and horses grazing along the way - very relaxing after the sterile rigidity of the city scene. Enjoy a cream tea next to a wonderfully warm log fire and visit an orchard and enjoy complimentary orange or naartjie juice freshly squeezed. On Sundays and Saturdays enjoy a tractor and trailer ride through the orchards at "Orange Grove" and sample the sweetest citrus fruits you've tasted for a long while. How super it was to see dogs and cats, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl and an emu wandering around the yard amongst the visitors and then a 'no frills' tractor ride - just like being back in Zimbabwe and only an hours run out of Perth via Bullsbrook. Drive back via Bindoon and patronise the Village Store operated by the daughter one of our own members. At this time of the year it is a most worthwhile outing. Cottages are also available for farm stays at Orange Grove and along the route at regular intervals. Try it.

Our Quiz night, whilst not so well attended, was heartily enjoyed by the sixty people who arrived, and the new premises of the Commonwealth Club were complimented on as being a most suitable venue for our functions. What a bitterly cold night it was but that was no excuse for you folk who didn't come to stay home in front of your fires!! You really missed a friendly, fun evening. Congratulations to the Waddacor table who won the first prize of dinner for six at Grumpy Rogue supplied by the Rhodesian Association. I seem to think that this table is often in the top three - perhaps next year we'll have to ask them to supply the entertainment prior to the start. We would like to thank all the very kind sponsors and donors who donated prizes for the evening - names will appear in the donations sector.

Our next function is our Family Bingo Evening to be held at the Commonwealth Club on Saturday 5th August 1995. We are hoping that this will be widely supported by old and young alike. This is a family evening so please bring the kids and great grandma as well as all the extended family and friends (perhaps leave the dog at home) - we haven't packed the hall yet so lets do it for this event and show the South Africans that we still have solid supporters! Bring along your plates of snacks for your own tables. Drinks will be available at very reasonable prices from the bar which will open at 7.30pm. Eyes down will be at 7.45pm sharp. Spot prizes will be awarded throughout the night.

It has been suggested that we run an appropriate joke each month - lets see what you can send in. Remember that we are a family magazine run by an Apolitical Association.

VERY IMPORTANT - Our subscriptions for this year are now well over due - we need your money to keep your magazines circulating - please send your money in as soon as possible. Reminders as put onto your individual magazine when your subs are overdue so please look out for these and get your subs posted to the Cappers.

Social Calendar

Tuesday 1st August 1995.    COMMITTEE MEETING: 5.30pm
     Venue: ANZAC Club, St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Saturday 5th August 1995
     BINGO NIGHT 7.30PM.
     Venue: Commonwealth Club
     Roberts Road, Subiacco.
     Adults $5 Children $2.
     Details: Doug Capper 307 4790.
Wednesday 9th August 1995:
     Details: Contact Helen Hamley on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley on 459 8397.  All welcome.
Thursday 17th August 1995.
     M'DALAS INDABA: 9.30am onwards.
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor
     Wesley Arcade William Street
     (Between Hay & Murray Streets), Perth.
     Contact: Doreen Hutson on 291 9410
Tuesday 5th September 1995.
     Venue: ANZAC CLUB, St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Wednesday 13th September 1995.:
     Details:  Contact Helen Hamley on 457 6970 or
     Yvonne Beezley on 459 8397.  All welcome.
Thursday 21st September  1995:
     M'DALAS INDABA: 9.30am onwards
     Venue: Auditorium, 2nd floor Wesley Arcade,
     William Street (Between Hay & Murray), Perth.
     Contact: Doreen Hutson on 291 9410.


Regular business luncheons are organised in West Perth for members of
the Southern African community.

You are invited to join us to enjoy fine food, fun and fellowship.
Ladies especially welcome.

Enquiries to Tom Lane, telephone 321 8511 (Work) or 4475661 (Home).


Prince Edward School reunion dinner for August - Contact Wayne Ingram
244 2399 (H) or Stuart Dick  448 6387 (H).
Fishing Competition and Barbecue on Swan River later this year.Contact
Roy Killick
Independence Party at Commonwealth Club 11th November 1995.
Deadline for next issue of Bundu Times 8th September 1995.


Sonny Brooks has kindly sent in another reminiscence.

The house was a substantial brick building with many rooms. It was built in 1910 for a Mr Bowen, who was fond of hunting so there was stabeling for four hunters and accommodation for a pack of hounds. My father purchased it for 2000 Pounds in 1916. At that time the road in front was a veld track. It was there at the age of six that my memories of 87 begins. Dad was one of Rhodesias early sportsmen. He played cricket, hockey, rugby and tennis representing the country in most. He was on most of the sport committees so 87 saw many sporting arrangements decided there. Life gradually changed as four children grew up. Meetings changed to parties and later dances. Almost every day, Mum would preside with a large green tea pot, bread and jam over 4 o'clock tea at the big oak table in the dining-room, where the family would gather with 3 or four friends. Interesting conversation and debate brought many to those teas. There are many in high places who remember the argument and laughter kindled there. Being a tennis family, we got together and built ourselves a court. A scotch cart and two oxen were borrowed from a farming relation. levels were taken out with a transit and the two oxen transported grey ant heap from the commonage near the Police Camp. What hours were spent on that court. Mum's Visitors Book had names from all over the world. Sportsmen, artists, actors and churchmen were some of the few. Some on very short notice. Dad might ring up and say that he had agreed to put someone up for the night or that there were people for tennis, such as a touring company. We met the World. Sometimes language wasn't easy. Mum had green fingers and every cutting sprang to life. The garden was a bit higgledy piggley but interesting. The family grew up, got jobs and eventually married one by one, except the youngest who was claimed by war. After 27 years Mum and Dad decided to sell the old home and move out of town. The three of us have had our own families who have moved on. We are spread - one still in Zimbabwe on the family farm, one in Wagga Wagga with most of her family near and one in Perth W.A.

Charles and bernice Cole Bowen of Nedlands
Geoff and Gloria Cornish of Bullcreek
Pete Nilson of Mandurah
Gordon and Sue Stuart of Applecross

Weigh N Pay Warwick Grove and Mirrabooka
Warwick Grove Butchers
Martin Hardy - Toms Tyres
National Bank of Australia
Norman and Carol Tyson - Midland Bricks
Lotteries Commission
Roy and Nita Killick
Don and Joyce Bullock
Tom and Wendy Randall - Watsonia Meats
Geoff and Gloria Cornish

Richard and Valmia Lever ex Harare
Bill Williams ex Bulawayo.




2 fresh red chillies (seeded & finely sliced)
1/4 teaspoon dried Basil
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
1/4 teaspoon dried tarragon
1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram
150ml extra virgin spanish olive oil
40g stoned raisins (pulvarised)
1 bay leaf
60mls tomato paste
50ml lemon juice freshly squeezed
salt and ground black pepper
1 - 1 1/2 kg chicken

Make peri peri marinade by mixing together all ingredients ( except
chicken) and allow to stand covered in china/ glass bowl for  2 - 3
Butterfly split chicken and keep flat by skewering.  Brush inside and
outside with marinade and cook under a moderate grill with the inside
uppermost for about 15minutes.  Brush with marinade occasionally whilst
cooking.  Turn chicken over and cook for another 20 minutes again
brushing with marinade.  Serve on a bed of rice garnished with lemon

M'dalas Report

by Arthur Hutson.

"Resurgence of Suffragette Movement"
Our chairman, Doreen Hutson is still swanning it in Zimbabwe after having her visitors visa renewed for a further three months. She had to queue for two hours at Immigration and was lucky as others from Australia were refused an extension.

Good attendances at both our May meeting (55) and June (51) and it was pleasing to see so many old friends return to us i.e. Marjorie Ball, The Harris', Eileen Mastin and the St Clairs. Illnesses still dog so many of our members resulting in their temporary non appearance. We name them at each meeting and members present are very sincere in their wishes of a speedy recovery. To Joan and Tony Kelly - enjoy your holiday in Zimbabwe and also to Roy and Nita Killick who are off to England and Canada for six weeks - Bon Voyage.

At the request of Margaret Craft who rosters our tea ladies, I advised them that their tea duties could come around more often and this sparked off a furore by some ladies which was reminiscent of the days of the suffragettes who demanded to know why men were not rostered for tea duties. By good fortune the attack was warded off but not due to the men present who with gentlemanly disdain kept silent whilst admiring the inability of the acting chairman - me - trying to cope with the "sheilas".

Our secret weapon retort will be revealed to them - the ladies- at our next meeting. If it fails the men may visit me at the Kalamunda Hospital armed with a supply of Matilda Bays!

We have booked the Maxwell Room, Wentworth Plaza Hotel for our Christmas lunch on 21st December 1995 ($25 p.p.). They always excel at both the food and the service. Some places will be available for other than usual Mdalas so see the social calendar for contact phone number. You are assured of a warm welcome and 'sparkling company'! Who knows, perhaps some of us may be willing to relate how we spent the first Christmas following UDI in 1965.

In closing it is my sad duty to say that Sam Mason passed away suddenly on the 12th June 1995 as a result of a severe heart attack. He will be remembered by many as the owner of the popular Mabelreign T.M.B. He was also an active member of the Rhodesian Wine Guild and towards the later stage of his life his sincere and appreciated help to St Swithins Church, Lesmurdie. His sunny approach to life and his friendship will be sadly missed. His wife Stella predeceased him by some two years. He is survived by a son and daughter to whom we extend our sincere condolences.

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