Western Australia Bundu Times June/July 1995




                           WANTED IMMEDIATELY

                           COMMITTEE MEMBERS
The Rhodesian Association of Western Australia is run by an
Administrator paid to take care of all aspects of the Association.  The
Administrator works in conjunction with a committee of voluntary members
who make and vote on decisions in the best interests of the Association
in addition to arranging social functions which keep the association
financial and active.

At present the committee consists of our Chairman Ted Watson with the
Editor Jenny Honeybun and M'dala representative, Arthur Hutson and NO
ONE  else.  The Association CANNOT and WILL NOT function without a

We NEED at least five people to come forward to join the committee NOW.
You will be required to attend the committee meetings held at the ANZAC
Club in St Georges Terrace on the first Tuesday of each month at 5.30pm
until 6.45pm.  This is not difficult and free parking is readily
available close by. The job is not onerous and can be most enjoyable.
Remember, you are dealing with delightful people out there with the same
roots as yourself so you will always have something in common.  Your
work is most rewarding and organisation of functions this year will be

EDITOR - The committee requires an Editor who can attend all Committee
Meetings. I have filled in as interim editor for a year and a half and
have thoroughly enjoyed this time, however I have a husband who has
constant business commitments in the Eastern States, only returning to
Perth for weekends and  two young children to be attended to  thus I
cannot  attend all committee meetings.  If you can attend the above
meetings and would like to try your hand at the Bundu Times please
telephone me on 447 0615.

Our annual Quiz night is to be held on Saturday 10th June at 7pm at the
Commonwealth Club in Subiacco.  If you haven't seen our new venue then
this will provide you with a perfect opportunity for an inspection and
for enjoying one of our most enjoyable functions of the year.  Please
make up your tables of six and phone your booking through to Doug
Capper.  Our special thanks to Don Bulloch and Martin Hardy for their
prize donations. We still have some of Mr Dick Price's delightful books
"Everybody's Different" some of which will be used for prizes and others
which can be purchased from the Association.  Mr Price flew the first DH
86 - VH-USC aircraft "City of Canberra" from Croyden U.K. to Brisbane in
1934 over sixty years ago.  We are still looking for more sponsors and
prizes for the Quiz Night so if you can help please contact Doug.
Drinks will be on sale at very reasonable club prices but please bring
your own plates of snacks for your party/table.  If you would like to
come to the quiz night but cannot make up a table of six, speak to Doug
and he will arrange a group for you.  Bring all your African friends
along and lets make this our first Quiz night at the Commonwealth Club,
a huge success! Our hosts for the evening will be John and Rosemary
Milton.  John and Rosemary ran wonderful Quiz nights back in the days
when we used the Netherlandia Club and Maylands Bowling Club venues.
Please diarise SATURDAY 11TH NOVEMBER 1995.  We will be holding a party
at the Commonwealth Club to mark the 30th anniversary of independence.
This party is to be a very special event and people with a lot of
experience and organisational skills have been approached to organise
this event. More details will be given in the next issues.

Thanks must go to Sonny Brooks and Elsie Smith who have both sent me
cuttings and articles for the Bundu Times.  Current news received from
Zimbabwe and South Africa can be interesting as some people don't get
this from home.  I am sure that everyone remembers the lovely old Rhodes
Inyanga hotel bequeathed by Rhodes with his estate for the benefit of
all Rhodesians to enjoy.  The operation of this hotel on expiry of the
previous lease(not that the previous land lord wanted to terminate)  was
put up for tender to the Zimbabwean public and a tender was duly awarded
to an African business group. It was submitted that this group could run
the hotel at a substantially lower costs than currently operated and the
award was thus approved.  When the previous landlord packed up the hotel
and offered the new leaseholders the opportunity to purchase the goods
and chattels they had to refuse because they could not afford them - the
company has no funds!  The hotel now stands empty and desolate without
any prospects let alone those of a thriving business!  I wonder what has
happened to the museum pieces from the stables or whether the little
museum is still operating under the National Trust and Archives.

REMEMBER Doug and Jacky Capper work incredibly hard for us, keeping the
Association going so please consider helping them - come forward and
join the committee!

VERY IMPORTANT - Our subscriptions for this year are now over due - we
need your money to keep your magazines coming out to you - please send
your money in now.

CONTACT  submitted by Ken Godwin.

My mother (Sanderus Godwin) recently immigrated to Australia at the age
of 81.  It took two years to complete the paper work especially after
trying to renew her expired Zimbabwe passport only to find out that she
was not a citizen (she had not waived South African citizenship as she
was required to do so).  She had therefore, after 60 years of residence
to apply to become a citizen!

For those who knew her - she was married to Kippy (who died 1968) and
has three sons, Bobby (Canada), Ken and Don (Karrinyup).  She still
plays the piano.

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