Western Australia Bundu Times April/May 1995


A terrific tennis day was enjoyed by 30 players with additional socialisers joining in for the barbecue afterwards held at South Perth on Sunday 29th January 1995. Our first social event of the season really was sucessful thanks to the wonderful organisation of Norman and Dory Casey. The South Africans beat us at tennis (only just!) but could they beat us at organising such a super morning with such friendly people - everyone commented positively on the event. Thanks Norman.

Our Coogee Beach family fun day was our second event of this year and despite the heat was well attended and again everyone appeared to be having a great time. Where were all the members from South of the River? We played Bole' kindly supplied by the Killick family and cricket organised by George and Debbie Watson and their beautiful dog Gyp. Our annual A.G.M. was attended by the usual staunch supporters of the association - Margaret Craft, Tony Griffiths, Doug & Nancy Lyon, the Mays, the Killicks, John Pritchard, Ian Berry, Eddie Preston, Phil & Kathy Capper, John Ovendon the Potts, Honeybuns, Watsons & Cappers, to name a few. Thank you all for your loyalty and support. We didn't have a huge turnout but those who came enjoyed a short and sweet meeting (the way all meetings should be) followed by a delectable spread of snacks and free drinks courtesy of the Association. We received no nominations for committee members or for the position of Editor. I would like to thank Mr Doug Lyon for his vote of confidence and kind words about the Bundu Times placed on record at the A.G.M. how nice it was to know that one's hard work has been appreciated.

Please note that our annual Quiz night has had a date change - see the calender for new date 10th June 1995. Should there be anyone out there wishing to sponsor us or donate prizes for the Quiz night please contact Doug Capper on 304 4790. We need spot/door prizes and then prizes for the first, second & third tables i.e. six of something. This is always a most sucessful evening so mark it in your diaries and start planning your tables of 6 - make this a big night and bring all your friends along - lets fill the Commonwealth Club hall!

VERY IMPORTANT - Our subscriptions for the new year are now due so please help us by sending these in early. If you know of any ex Rhodesian who you think would like to join or who would like to receive an issue of the Bundu Times, please send their name and address to our Administrator, Doug Capper at 1 Byron Court Kallaroo 6025 or telephone him on 304 4790 now, and he will arrange for a complimentary copy to be sent to them.

Committee members are desperately needed NOW so please come forward - it really is great fun (when members praise you instead of whinging and complaining)!


It is a year now since I was elected as Chairman, and here we are at our next A.G.M. It has been an eventful year with a few different ideas tried out to increase numbers at functions. For instance, joining the Commonwealth Club where I feel we could have a lot of very successful functions, as you can see from the facilities around you. We have had some reasonable to good turnouts for our functions. The popular functions this year have been the Houghtons Wineyard BBQ and the Christmas BBQ in Kings Park.

The Winter Dinner evening was held at the Zebra Steakhouse, which was a most enjoyable evening, but because of the restriction of numbers the need to book early was a factor. The Quiz Night once again proved very successful and plans are already in operation for one to be held this coming year. A new idea this year was a Champagne Breakfast at Mosman Park. It was most enjoyable and I think should be repeated. The Old English Pub night, held at this venue had a very good turn out and was enjoyed by all. The M'dalas have had another very successful year, very ably led by Doreen Hutson. Both Fiona and I were honoured to be invited to the M'dalas Christmas lunch which was very enjoyable and who could forget Arthur Hutson as the first black Father Christmas.

Another section of the Association that tends to be forgotten, is the Ladies Coffee mornings, who meet once a month at different venues, and for this I would like to thank Helen Hamley and Yvonne Beezley. On the sporting scene a Golf Tournament was enjoyed by approximately 20 players. Thanks go to Pat Dunne for organising this. A very successful and enjoyable Tennis match against the South African Club at the McCullum Park. There were four courts in operation all the time and for this great bit of organisation I must thank Norman Casey ably assisted by his wife Dory. Unfortunately we still lost!

Our Administrator will show that we are in a very good state financially, and personally I think if we keep on having raffles etc. at all our functions there would be no need to increase our fees. We are still getting a few people joining and turning out to our functions. I would like to congratulate and thank Jenny Honeybun for taking on the job of Editor of the Bundu times, which is a vital link for all members for information, and contact which is greatly appreciated.

All these functions and BBQs would not be possible if I did not have a good and willing committee for which I am very thankful. I would also like to thank the members, who have turned out regularly which has made it worthwhile for the Committee.

A very special thank you to Doug and Jacky Capper for the unrelentless 'back of the scene' work done for the Association.

On closing I would like to emphasise how important everyone's attendance at functions is if we are to keep the Association going. We especially miss some of our past Committee members who don't attend any of our functions, we need everyone's support, ideas and enthusiasm. Without it the Association, like Rhodesia itself, will fade into history.

Ted Watson (Chairman)


All members need to know that the Association is still strong and well financially. We have again balanced our books and thus kept the subscriptions down to the old level. Our accumulated surplus as we go into 1995 is running at $5341 up $517 from the 1993 year. Our membership is still stable at around 310 paid up members. Donations have been good, up $193 from last year. We have also been most fortunate in receiving a further payout of $130 from the P.B.S. debacle. This means we basically recovered over 90% of our fixed deposit. Our bank charges by careful management have been lower than the previous years. General expenses, postage, stationary, telephone accounts have all been within the lower limits. The Bundu Times newsletter costs have been well stabilised and have not increased over the year. On the negative side our advertising revenues has been reduced from what was a more successful year in 1993 down some $460. A very small loss was made during the year on social functions but here it must be mentioned the social events of the year were most enjoyable and have received some subsidy in one way or another to reward members participating in the years activities, for example, Christmas BBQ and AGM catering. The Committee on a recommendation brought up at last years AGM raised the Administrator's honourium by $560 pa. Public liability insurance has been rising each year and this issue will be addressed by the new Committee for 1995. Interest this year has been disappointing especially considering our large fixed deposit investment. This is of course due to the low interest rates on offer. All in all the Committee and Administrator are well satisfied with the Associations financial standing. The Committee has now also prepared the way for 1995 by taking out membership of the Royal Commonwealth Club as a corporate member($170) which enables the Association to use the Club's Bar, Hall and other amenities at a much lower hire charge. These facilities have already been used for some social functions and will over the years show a saving at events like the Annual Quiz night. I now take this opportunity to thank the Chairman Ted Watson for his stewardship of the Association for 1994 and for his overwhelming effort at all our social functions. Last but not least, thanks once again are extended to Tom Lane who again has checked the Association's books. This work in preparing the Financial Statements over many years has always been provided free, a most valued service to the Association. His recommendations will be taken into account. I now look forward to working with the new 1995 Committee and if you have never served on Committee or want to have another go please come forward as we do need your service. Remember it is important to keep the Rhodesian Association going especially as we are still performing well.

DOUG CAPPER (Administrator/Treasurer).


During 1994 our average attendance at our monthly meetings was 50+. A fall off of some members no longer able to attend due to age or physical disability was offset by new members joining us ex Zimbabwe and South Africa. By general concensus, the meetings continued to be conducted in a free and easy style with accent on tea, chat and dissemination of information. Whenever possible, we "persuaded" visitors from Zimbabwe and elsewhere, including our members who had been back to Zimbabwe on holiday, to give us a brief talk which was always well received. Whilst we did not have as many trips as in previous years our members thoroughly enjoyed the outing to Alcoa which was followed by a satisfying lunch at the Murray River Resort. Also a good number of M'dalas did attend the various functions which the Association arranged and which culminated in the most successful Christmas BBQ at Kings Park on 4th December 1994. On December 19th, we held our usual Christmas lunch at the Wentworth Plaza Hotel Perth which attracted 51 members, and we were pleased to welcome as our guests the Chairman of the Association Mr Ted Watson and his wife Fiona.

We extend our grateful thanks to the Association for their continuing generous donation which enables us to continue to hold our monthly meetings at the Wesley Centre, William Street, Perth, this being a very convenient, pleasant venue for our members the majority of whom use bus or train for transport. We did examine other cheaper alternative venues but they were not as readily accessible or comfortable. In the past we augmented our income by holding raffles for prizes generously contributed by members. Unfortunately this came to an abrupt end as it contravened the rules of letting as laid down by the Wesley Church authorities. To make up for the shortfall we have reluctantly had to increase our monthly tea and attendance fee from $1.00 to $2.00 per member.

Sadly during the year one of our long standing members passed away - Percy (Bill) Gibbs the husband of Daphne Gibbs.

It remains for me to thank the Tea Roster ladies for providing the fare and for the happy efficient way they dispensed the refreshment. It is without doubt one of the major contributory reasons for our successful meetings. Thanks also to our Treasurer Peggy Gibb for her continuing invaluable help with the meetings - we would be in a complete dilemma without you. To Margaret Craft who took over the tea roster during the year, a vote of thanks coupled with a sigh of relief.

Finally I would like to thank all our members for their patience, humour and attendance at meetings. Thank you all - its been a pleasure serving you.

Doreen Hutson (Chairman M'dalas)

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