Western Australia Bundu Times April/May 1995


FOR SALE - Adam Bede 3 piece Oak and Leather Lounge Suite $1000.00. Also available matching Adam Bede pouffe, Oak Coffee Table and 3 Oak Side Tables. Phone Olivia or Kerry Hoadley 293 1043 (evenings).

LOST at the Kings Park Christmas Barbecue a Pentax Camera PC. 313 - Please phone Fiona Watson 409 7149

IVORY CARVINGS: wanted to buy busts, figurines, carved tusks and other articles. I seek these for strictly personal use not for trading. Phone 386 7357 after hours.

WANTED: ANZAC DAY Tuesday 25th April 1995. Marchers prepared to march in ANZAC parade in Wanneroo representing Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. For further details contact Ted Watson 409 7149.

WANTED: Rhodesian Uniforms and Insignia wanted by young collector. Contact Richard Bradbury, 5 El Greco Court, Newnham, Tasmania 7248.

Kevin Ricketts of 42 Prince Edward Street, Malabar NSW 2036 ex 6th battalion, Rhodesian Regiment, is writing a book "ANZACS IN AFRICA - THE WAR IN RHODESIA". 'This will not be a novel, a piece of fiction, but the words of those who were there, their memories of the Sharp End and their times at home. How did they happen to be there, how did they view the evolving political situation, where did their politics lie, how did they get called up/enlisted, what was their training like, was their service exciting, boring, funny, annoying even frighteneing? I am requesting information from anyone now living in Australia or New Zealand who served in the Rhodesian Security Forces. Be a part of history. I am not just looking for heroes. If your current situation could be prejudiced, I am quite prepared to use pseudonyms. But I do want the truth, although a "yarn" written that way is most welcome. No one wants to write a boring book! In the first instance, send me your name, address, phone/fax number. War photos most welcome - they will be copied and returned. If you are a writer, tell me your life story, if not I'll wheedle it out of you later." Telephone (02) 661 8150 (H) (02) 322 8671 (W) (02) 661 9635 (FAX)

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