Often I see requests for biltong recipes - I used to miss the stuff as much as most ex Rhodesians, but no longer.

I developed an easy to use biltong machine that anyone can make for less than $20 (US). Thought I should share it with you,

  1. Take a simple "Rubbermaid" (hard rubber) rubbish bin (here we call it a garbage bin!!) about 60cm high that comes with a tight fitting lid.
  2. Cut two large holes on opposite sides near the bottom (about 15cm square).
  3. Cover with gauze and secure with duct tape.
  4. On the cover make another large hole, cover with gauze.
  5. Attach a bathroom extract fan over the hole on the cover and strap on with more duct tape.
  6. Two hanging rods or dowels drilled throught the side near the top and hey presto - one biltong machine.
Moist dry in four days and real dry in seven. If the wife complains about the smell in the house, attach a tube to the extract fan in your laundry. With both fans going cut one day from the drying time.

Oh, my recipe is

Make hooks from stainless steel wire. Hang the strips in your new biltong machine and watch it magically change to the good stuff we used to get!

Contributed by Solly Menashe E-Mail :