Our Zimbabwe

This upheaval, this unrest,
This time that has been sent to test,
My faith, my love, my rational thought,
If I let go, will sink to naught.
So Father, I ask by me you'll stand,
As I stand proud for my land.
Let not race nor class nor colour decide,
Let me stand in the gap of this divide.
Help me to stand strong, when others fall,
Let me stand firm, let me stand tall.
Let no man question my will,
Even when provoked, let me be still.
Give me calm and peace of mind,
Uncover my eyes, remove the blind.
Father place your mighty hand,
To cover the wounds of this broken land.
Wash away the blood of war,
Open the locked, closed door.
Father stand by those who weep,
And show us that colour is only skin deep.
Let us stand for what is right,
But not with anger nor with fight.
Be with those brave enough to stand,
For what they believe for this land.
Be with those who fear,
Show them your presence ever near.
And even in our darkest hour,
Remind us of your ultimate power.
Zimbabwe will be a shining light,
Not through power, nor through might,
But with forgiveness, and without greed,
Lord raise strong people to lead.
A new Zimbabwe will rise again,
Without the anguish and the pain.
And united, together we will stand,
Upon the ground of this our land.


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