Of A Land

The memories of a land left behind
Continue to run thick in my mind
Scenes from a life unknown to you
Replay over, appearing as clear as you do

Playing in open fields, not giving a thought
Of the lessons I?d soon be taught
Of the pain I?d soon be forced to bear
Of the way you?d show your care

I wish I could show you inside my head
Then you?d see an African sunset, so red
You?d see the things that I treasure
You?d see a land that gives pleasure

You would see a land the way I know
Where there were always crops to sow
Where there was always fun to be had
Where friends were there if things went bad

But now the state of this land is not so great
There is violence, murder and hate
It?s not how I remember it, it?s not the same
For the leaders of my land play a dangerous game

They play with trust and power and lives
There is little food no matter how much one strives
For groceries, and petrol alike there are constant lines
Confusion, doubt, fear and questions are on all minds

To rise each morning is a difficult & courageous task
There are many questions Zimbabweans want to ask
Who put the future of our country in that ugly hand?
When will the time come for the healing of our land?


Written by Michelle Wolhuter
Email : krazyafrican@hotmail.com

© Michelle Wolhuter
Reproduction in media of any form is prohibited except with express written permission of the author

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