A Rhodesian Sunrise

The mighty sun makes her Entree,
Throwing a nuance of brilliance into the obscurity.
A burst of colour caresses the heavens,
Expanding across the east.
To the west, dimness tarries on,
the stars transform to oblivion,
Their ambiance vanishes amidst the dawn.

Dewdrops cling to the plant life,
Captivating the shafts of light, as it encompasses the earth.
Glittering like diamonds, catching the sun,
Trickling off the greenery and vanishing into the parched earth.
Drops left behind fade into vapour
As the sun's heat becomes more intense.
The delicateness of the rose
Captured with the peak of its beauty right then.

The sounds amplify at daybreak.
Birds chirp, Roosters crow, dogs bark,
welcoming the light, greeting the day
Insects of night give off their last cries
Crawling within the earth to seek refuge.
Yet all remains tranquil, serenity cleaves to the dawn
Afore pursuit of the day begins.

The newness of the day is like cool water
Quenching your thirst as it touches your throat.
The essence of morning so fresh,
leaves the urge to keep drinking in the day,
but just as that perfect glass of water empties
So does the specific moment of sunrise.
Tomorrow it will debut again
And still we'll yearn for more.

Anita Jansz
Email : chazzi@idirect.com

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