I went for a walk in the Forrest today
I hoped to find tranquillity on my way,
Tumbling raindrops came falling down,
Glistening like diamonds, as they hit the ground.

The sun came out and started to shine,
Beautiful sunbeams flicked through the trees
Which were blowing in the autumn breeze.
A Blackbirds song came from up high
As I walked through the Forrest peacefully by.

A timid Deer popped up his head
He eyed me fearfully, before he fled.
I sat upon the Forrest floor
looking up towards Heaven’s door –
I seem to have been here once before.

I sat and pondered for a while,
Noticing then a crooked style
Tempted then to walk a mile
Across the field and back again
Returning home with just a smile.

Oh what a Beautiful World.

© Jackie Snowdon
November 2002

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