Zimbawe IN Ruins

In the early 60’s
Trouble came to brew,
We fought a tragic war
To keep a land we knew.

We lost so many of our own
My friends were but a few,
Through tragedy and sorrow
We grew and grew and grew.

For 10 long years, we fought that war
Alas, we were betrayed.
Many of our Special friends
lost their lives in vain
Now we sit and wonder,
What we’d hoped to gain?

To power came a horrid man
Was this his twisted plan?
That 20 years would pass
And he’d destroy our land .

So aptly he named it then,
And so it came to be
Zimbabwe IN Ruins

When he passes on,
And knocks upon the door
My God he’ll have a lot
To stand and answer for.

© Jackie Snowdon
September 2002

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