My Land

There was a brave pioneer,
his name was Cecil Rhodes,
He founded our beloved land
Many a year ago.
He stumbled on through Africa,
Until this place he found
It was so wild and magical
In sunshine it abound.

There followed all the settlers
And this Country grew,
Proud, tall and splendid
It was a place anew.

Our farmers toiled and tamed this land
And crops abound they grew.
We prospered and we flourished
And helped other Countries too.

Then came the unthinkable,
And everything has changed
Another rules this land
And everything's deranged.

His men have raped and blundered
Our farmers are destroyed
The world sat back and pondered
They anguished what to do.

Perhaps we should do nothing,
Maybe there’ will be a coup
So now the worlds forsaken us
There is little we can do.

But don’t be fooled,
We will be back!
To start our lives afresh.
Stand tall my friends –
Hold your head up high
We’re stronger than the rest

© Jackie Snowdon
October 2002

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