Beit Bridge

I grew up in a very strange place
Miles and miles of open space.
Most people think I’m a mental case
For loving this wild and rugged place.

Far out in the African bush
Unbelievable heat – dry dusty land
Days spent watching animals firsthand.

Driving around in a 4 x 4
Listening to the Lion roar,
The call of the bobo to his mate
The laugh of the Hyena –
In his deranged state.

The call of the wild is in my blood
As when the Limpopo came down in flood
Taking all within its path – foaming in rage
An incredible roar

When the night drew in, we’d return to camp
Sit round the fire – no need for a lamp
Rested – relaxed, totally at ease.
Another peaceful day in my life overseas.

© Jackie Snowdon
November 2002

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