The Death of Rhodesia

It was not right that you should have died,
Because of those who never tried,
To stop the ingratitude of some,
Bent on taking from all and one.

It was not right that one with a common name,
Be allowed to besmirch your fame,
Thus bringing you to your knees in shame,
And griding your beauty with a chain.

A chain of horror and deceit,
Lies, corruption, cold and heat,
Death and maiming day and night,
Bring to some an evil delight.

It was not right, Oh Rhodesia fair,
The tyranny that you and I had to share,
Your body ripped by shot and shell,
With your dying sons fighting like hell.

It ws not right that they died so young,
Before from their bodies, seed had sprung,
To give you sons and daughters strong,
Loving you, to right a wrong.

It is not right what we've been told,
A graven stone image, a hawk not bold,
That to which we have now been sold,
Will be the name on the notes we hold.

It is not right, but there is naught that we can do,
Except in our hearts, keep our love for you,
Rhodesia, Rhodesia, to us you'll never die,
As long as our eyes keep staying upon the sky!

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