I know not what small part is mine
admidst life's twisted scheme.
I do know I have seen and done
what others merely dream.
At early morn to bugles call
to rise and groom ones mount.
At dusk to sit by roaring fire
and stirring tales recount.
I've listened to the living veldt
and counted myriad stars
far from the hum of city life
with noise of man and cars.
I've felt the nape of neck recoil
to lions rasping cough.
I've shuddered at the cackle
of hyenas fiendish laugh.
I've marvelled at the gentleness
'twixt jumbo cow and calf
and seen the rage of maddened bull
with tusk snapped clean in half.
I've seen the stealth of leopard
and the guile of hunting dog.
The stately flight of eagle
the croc disguised as log.
I've watched the duikers dainty step
the buffaloes baleful stare.
The coy look in a giraffes eye
cavorting of spring hare.
The fury of a summer storm
the rising of flash flood.
I've seen the worst in man and beast
but also seen what's good.

Dave Blacker
Email : cacdgb@BREMNER.UCT.AC.ZA

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