My poems
Are frozen moments
Captured, scrawled on cigarette boxes
In stray moments
Snatched from my war.

Do not expect
Rich fantasies to lull you asleep.
I cannot burble on, lace my lines
With sweet flowers and proud eagles soaring.

I give you, instead
Bravery, honesty and love enduring;
Women weeping
Over " Regret to announce".
Sharp rifle fire lacing a commentary
On young lives;
The troopie's twisted-gut feeling
As the chopper drops him in;
The doubts, the fears;
The twisted truths
Passed off as news.
The bestial urge
Which lurks within us all.

Walk the fields of war
With me. With a people
Blown in the winds of change.
Read our story, caught
In word-woven nets.