Chair Faces West

The empty chair faces left
through bars the sun sets
The empty chair
was sat upon
Every afternoon gone by
His fading eyes watched
the setting sun through the bars
The setting sun saw him
saw him
saw him sleep
saw him fade
Waved good bye
with a warm flutter of
melted butter on
the empty chair

The empty chair faces left
sees the bars in the light
Sun sees the empty chair
where she sat with him
cuddled him
suckled him
He fell asleep content
Content . . .
Sated . . .
Smiling on warm dreams of
comfort and
soft maternal caress
The sun blushed and slipped
crimson curls below the
Wistful empty chair in a dusk

The empy chair faces west
West into the birth of
The death of warm light
Cold hard light
Soft cool night
comes between the shadow of bars
Bars that block the sun
Bars to block
Refrain of echoes in a day
like the notes of
the dying notes
dying notes of Rachmanninov
Rachmanninov in the night
Behind the bars of night
lay upon the open
empty chair.

The empty chair faces west
Faces the new night
so full of energy
so empty of tears
so this is it.
He knows it and sits
The night
The big night
Only the empty chair knows
it too
He sat and bade the
sunset good speed and left
the empty chair to wait

The empty chair faces west
till another day leaves the light
to a pleasant memory of
faded dreams
Faded light
dying embers
of life
Life lived
life left
faded with a chair in the sun
Facing west

Empty chair facing west.

Ken Longshaw