Travels through my homeland

I have seen the sunrise in its pink at the breaking of the dawn
upon msasa and mopani on a cold and wintry morn
in summer's bright and stifling heat I've walked the very same path
and shuddered within my sweltering self and the old hyena's laugh
then to the east and upland air where trout do leap and swim
have cast the rod and let the line float about that fin
at leopard rock I have supped until I've had my fill
and even got some money back when they opened up the till
with friends I've walked past lions and no - they did not roar
we had a laugh as the waiter head ushered us through the door
in matabele province I've walked upon the plains
happily getting wet by long awaited rains
then to the great zimbabwe where spirits soar about
alone I stood - quite frightened - I wished somehow to shout
the silence was foreboding, as eagles there did rise
were they really eagles - or spirits in disguise
by train across the rail to the thundering of the falls
who can witness that great rush and deny being enthralled
by plane then to kariba - a great concrete wall
skyscrapers are diminutive against this structure tall
the people whom I've met as I've travelled on my way
have all been great and cheerful, the smile held great sway
and now I sit in front of a clone of ibm
able to tell my tale of where I've been and when

Written by Dennis Lewis-Enright 15/11/1999
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