Sunset on the Zambezi

Slowly the orb did sink
The gold red ball did fall
into the flowing summer's night
came darkness about all
In an instant gone was birdsong
The sounds of night upon us
Changed our mood and tone
As we sailed on the Zambesi
A thousand miles from home
Hippos serenely swimming
Around the boat they groaned
Their great bodies moving slowly
With snorting worrying sound
Their noise about was chatter
The din seemed to embrace
It came from all the idle mouths
In each and every face
The oohs and ahhs at the sunset
Mixed with clinking of ice
Served only to remind me how
We'd devalued nature's delights
No photo does it justice
For emotions cannot imprint
Only images are conveyed
yet they are somewhat skint
They lack the subtle stillness
The high-pitched mossie whine
But most of all they cannot convey
The air that tastes like wine
Air so hot and musty
It is like an ancient red
Laid down within the cellar
And rested on its bed
Until that day is broken
When the liquor pour'd is fed
Into the glasses tall 'n sparkling
Heavy with crystal lead
Then quaffed so slowl and calmly
It is sunset on the Zambezi
And the hippos are heading home.

Written by Dennis Lewis-Enright
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© Dennis Lewis-Enright
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