Africa - mother of my dreams

enigmatically surrounded
in a cloak of mystery shrouded
she is apart of each and all of us
eternally existing
her story endless twisting
embracing all about her
she has taken us for aye
she has seen it lit by starlight
as we've dreamed of it in moon-light
and yet she is afresh each time we've seen
we have surrended to her being
our hearts and minds and feeling
tho still she asks for more each every day
what else is there to give to this mother
that I may live
and carry in my soul for future day
the dreams she did unfold
are not in memories cold
but live in mind throughout my working day
so in her praise I sing
let voices bravely ring
the praise for she who lives eternally
in jungles and in forests
savannas and dessert plains
the mother of all Africa continues thus to reign

Written by Dennis Lewis-Enright 10/10/1999
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