Wistful ache of the love
For the tawny plains
Surrounding highlands
That thrust up,
Touching the skies
Under hot, sun clad days.

Into the blue haze,
The continent stretches out,
Like a basking sun-bather
On the coral reaches
Of one of her long
Extents of glistening sand,
That is caressed
Sensuously by the ardour
Of lapping waves.

Distant fish eagle cry,
As it dips and dives
in light air turmoil's...
Carried on fleet wing,
Over women hoeing
In fields of maize,
bent with the weight
of happy children,
Fat and chuckling in content,
Enveloped in protective warmth,
Upon their mother's backs.

Gentle browsing gazelle,
Mingle in amongst zebra
Brushing shoulders with
Stern looking buffalo
At water holes,
Where the busy ox-peckers
Feast on tick infested hides,
Whilst egrets skip and hop,
Around massive wrinkled feet
Belonging to placid elephant
Taking welcome mud baths
In front of hippo,
Who blue green
In the reflective sun,
Wait for them to be done.

Africa, like a lover,
Seeps into every pore,
Never leaving the heart
of any man
Who happens to have the privilege
To walk in through her doors.

© Susan Jahme