Tongues of Mbuya Nehanda

Cry of a Nation

I am the "Heaven sent Bird",
Nyasha Nyoni,
Voice to a Nation,
Teacher of the Universe...

I speak with the tongue
Of all-seeing Mbuya Nehanda,
Mother of Zimbabwe's children,
Ancient spirit of African earth...

Ten years since the reading of a curse,
From a pale skinned N'anga*
When silver crossed her palm
From lady of disGrace's purse...

My shavi* showed the svikiro*,
Pale skinned psychic from the West,
Horrors created by self named Jongwe*,
His militia, all vagrants and thieves...

Jongwe's mhondoro* cried with my svikiro,
To see blood flowing like mud slides
In the country's town streets,
Our tribal drums beat...

"Tribalism, terrorism, fratricide, infanticide!"
Shrieking, Jongwe's dunzvi* and sahwira* cried,
" You torture, rape and pillage in hate,
Ruler of our weeping State!"

We saw the pale skin convulse and fall,
Frothing at the mouth into trances of Hell,
Revealed to her the face of the man
Ringing the bell of Zimbabwe's death knell...

I speak for Mbuya Nehanda,
I Nyasha Nyoni tell you
Black Ngozi*, mad squawking cock,
Never will you be as powerful as she will...

Hokoyo*, evil doers, your demons must run,
Here is the close of your days of African sun,
For I ride aloft wildly with
The spirit world in force...

You will hear the shrill laughter
Of my hyenas at your pain,
Before you see the wrath
Of my terrible mien...

I will see you starve in famine,
Plagued with disease,
With out your vast trappings
Of misbegotten wealth...

Justice will come in the form
Of The Hague,
There, you and your minions will slum,
The World must know what you have done...

While my people of Zimbabwe
All colours and creeds,
Go free from your greed
And the butt of your guns...

Two young men already
I have prepared and sent,
The demise of democracy
Their voices give vent...

Go now old black cock,
No longer you crow,
Your time is not in the morrow,
Chienda zvako hatikude*...


* N'anga -witch doctor
* Shavi -ancient spirit/wandering spirit
* Svikiro -spirit medium/psychic
* Jongwe -rooster/cockerel
* Mhondoro -tribal spirits
* Dunzvi -master of ceremonies of death
* Sahwira -ritual friend of death
* Ngozi -bad spirit
* Hoyoko - beware
* Chienda zvako hatikude -we don't want you

Susan Jahme © Copyright 2003
April 2003