Vast emptiness of cavernous space
Clad in the soft fabric of lace
Studded in star spangled necklaces
Adorning the void of night…

Catching the flickering light
Reflected by fire flies in flight
Dancing to the incessant
Shrill song of gregarious crickets…

Listening to the breathing
Of warm breezes rustling
Amongst wrinkled old boughs
Cradling a shining moon…

Pouring refracted liquid sheen
Over tall dry grass
Whispering in time
With chirruping frogs in waterways…

Washing over time smoothed rock
Set in pungent sand on mud
Holding upstanding bull rushes
Housing intricate weavers nests…

Swinging in time
To the beat of distant drums
Pulsating to the barefoot shuffle
Around smoky fires…

That spark and burst
Feeding on termite filled wood
Creating a red hue on ebony skins
That are cloaked in soft African Night.

© Susan Jahme