I sat relaxed, absorbed:
Around me and above me and below me, I could see
A scene one night ascribe to hands of pure divinity,
Which stretched to far horizons - to a blue infinity:
A scene of deepest peace.

Atop a kopje bare.
I gazed, entranced, about me on the loveliness displayed:
The near and distant trees in leaves of divers hues arrayed -
An all-pervading harmony - contrasting light and shade:
No discord could be seen.

I scanned the blazing veld,
And saw the huts of native kraals in clearings 'mongst the trees;
The smoke from hidden wood-fires drifted slowly on the breeze,
Then rose in blue-grey columns - evil spirits to appease:
In solitude I sat.

I glanced towards the north:
The glint of sun on water - there a river wandered free,
To turn and twist at leisure, as at nature's own decree;
A snake of gleaming silver on its passage to the sea:
Ecstatically I gazed.

The sun was hot above:
A range of far-off hills rose indistinctly in the west;
Then on a lone musasa I allowed my gaze to rest:
Upon its topmost branches I espied an eagle's nest -
The eagle circled high.

Around about I looked:
From fissures in the rocks the brilliant yellow lizards ran,
And dassies scampered swiftly out of sight of prying man;
While boulders balanced boldly - so displayed ere time began:
Imagination soared.

Written by Ian James Gordon Gray (ex BSAP)
Email : Lorna Kelly (daughter)