Longing for you

Rhodesia, oh Rhodesia, how my heart longs for you once again.
Rhodesia the land that I will love and miss to the end of time.
Life without you Rhodesia is nothing but emptiness an emptiness that will never be filled while I live without you.
To roam the bush of my youth once again, to hear the doves call in the mornings and the evenings.
The sight of the flying ants and the croak of the frogs after the rains.
A hawk soaring in the skies over the Matopos searching for it's prey, the majestic fish eagle calling out his challenge to the world.
Kariba dam whose great wall is part of me as I am part of it.
I yearn to feel once again the warmth of your sunshine and to feel the breath of your winds caress me, the voices calling in the distance.
Rhodesia, oh Rhodesia, mother to me how I yearn once again to live within your bosom.

Stan (Mazambane) Glover