The Elephant. (Indlovu)

Forget,forget what you say, forget the slaughter of my grandparents and what they went through.
Then there was the wholesale slaughter of my parents with your modern weapons.
Still it goes on with me and my family, relations and friends, will it never end?
You do not slaughter us for our meat, so that you can feed your family, that I could accept.
Our skins you do not even use for your clothing or shelter, that also I could accept.
Oh no! All you want are our tusks for trinkets and our feet for your backless stools.
To me this is a crime, a crime created by mankind against my kind.
Oh I wish I could forget, but I'm afraid we will never ever forget.
Please! Please, before it is too late can you help us to stop this endless slaughter?
We the Elephant do not deserve this fate.

Stan (Mazambane) Glover