To the Girl at the Dance

the snow white doll spins in the ugliness
your mother frowns and I just want I kiss.
the maskéd men point and raise their glasses,
while my heart beats heavy as time just passes.

I stand in the corner talking to Prufrock,
trying to forget your smile, and wanting the clock
to fall and smash on the head of the newspaper boy,
who promises he loves but his heart is void.

do I dare and go forward under the falling balloons,
as a naked man dancing to the tinsel tunes,
and kiss your hands and taste your lips,
then give my love before the great eclipse?

shall I discard this heavy breast plate,
forget the giggling girls grab your hand and take,
our love to a sheltered alley under the sky.
tell you my hearts desire, then listen to you lie?

is this what I want, what I desire
to make me a fool and you a liar

the stars offer no comfort as the voices scream
and the balloons burst. The cursed moon beams
drape my feeble skeleton and strong armour.
the newspaper boy's got his love, I'm out of amour.

Written by Shaun Glover
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