Remembrance Day

Today all the world will remember
The great sacrifices they made
So this order could rise from the embers
Of past civilisations betrayed

And the uniforms, wreaths and the poppies
Will be honoured one day in this year
While the poetry, songs and the fables
Bring rebirth to a lifetime of tears

But the campaigns now fade into history
And that history itself fades away
For those true who can tell you the stories
Are joining their fallen each day

Each year fewer will answer the bugle
Each year fewer will stand on parade
Each year fewer will weep for lost messmates
And reflect as "The Last Post" is played

Yet the price that they paid's more than priceless
More than death, more than love, more than fears
So let memory serve well their endeavours
And bring peace for the rest of our years.


Richard "Ridgeback" Fenner
November 11th 2001
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