What brought us to this place in time?
This land so rich, with dreams so fine
Its soaring mountains, blued with age
And peoples proud, once free, now caged

How can great rivers, raging deep
O'er granite rocks with falls that keep
A rainbow splashed on nature's page -
Can these succumb to one man's rage?

Vast tawny plains, lush verdant farms
Msasas, spreading out their arms
To shade the noble lion's pride
And shelter those who fought, and died

Can these be ground into the dust
Because of one man's power lust?
Can peoples starve, and forests fall
Because one man just wants it all?

Stand strong, for this blight too shall pass
And leave no jot upon the grass
The twisted id of one sad man
Means nought to this eternal land

This country will survive, endure
Its peoples strong, its purpose pure
And all the despot's schemes, and plans
Will join him 'neath Zimbabwe's sands.

Richard Fenner
November 11th 2001
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