We left - Who's right?

We Left - You stayed
Both in our own way, a price has been paid.
Our lives so different from way back then.
How often do we say "Remember When…."
You still fight to save your home
We started fresh - were so alone.
Your children are raised where you grew up.
Mine would love a Blue Heeler pup!
You live on the land where your life began.
We made our choice…. Yes…. We ran!
The grass was greener on the other side
….yet Our history, Our home - Our constant pride!
We learnt new ways - You struggled on.
We sang a new anthem - new tune, new song!
You stayed at home - it felt so right!
We learnt to listen to new sounds at night.
The stress. Despair and Fear all gone…..
But who's to say what's right or wrong!
We left - you stayed…
The choices made.
Our futures chart a different course
Yet all still held by an unseen force!
Although we left and went away,
I recall….. and my thoughts begin to stray….
Remember what was, what should have been…
The sights my children have never seen.
My heart's with you day and night
Prayers said for you to achieve what's right!
One day to rebuild this promised land
I long one day to hold your hand.
But - we left - you stayed
Decisions made.

© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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