Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Oh for the days - the yesterdays
When Africa was at peace with the world.
Those memories now a warm and fuzzy haze
As proudly I watched the Green and White unfurled.

Those peaceful hues against the sapphire sky
My childhood home and pals from school…
Never dreamt so soon, it all would die
To think it would last we were such fools.

Our friends all gone to start again,
Left their homes, their lives, their history behind.
Their country's gone - they have left their pain.
Others remain, buried deep in a troubled land.

Lives cut short by the victor's hand,
Blood spilt in the soil, their lives now gone.
No longer their home - no longer your land.
Yet still the Sapphire sky and African sun

Cover the land, once full and warm
Now lost in a cavern so dark and cold.
Blood once more spills in a scarlet dawn
And none of you stand tall or bold!

Spirits broken, homes destroyed and taken,
Fearful eyes and tormented souls…..
You stand alone - you are forsaken.
Young men once again - are old!

Another generation of lives - all broken.
No peace, no dreams or laughter -
Forever gone, only fearful words now spoken
Is this your lot for ever after?

© Pam Crowther
March 2001

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