It's time to make a change - a stand
For the future of Your home and land.
Not just for today or just for tomorrow you must heal the wounds, comfort the sorrow
That's been heaped on your heads like burning coals -
Just to achieve a Satan's goals!
It's hard I know - but You must be strong
If you want to stay at home and belong
To a New Dawn and New Day.

For you all in Zimbabwe I pause to pray.
I pray for Peace, for Rain and Sun,
Safe places for your children to play and run
Emerald fields of wheat and tasselled corn
Exciting days with each new dawn.
Factories and business with open doors
All working towards a common cause -
To build your nation up again
For you to grow old and your children remain
At home where your heart belongs -
To hear the bush and Africa's songs!

So take your pen…….and still your heart
As you prepare to take your part
In this moment….Now you have the power in your hand
To change Zimbabwe …. It is Your land!

© Pam Crowther
February 2002

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