Face The African Sun

A Deafening Silence! - A Silent Scream!
Life is a nightmare - not just a dream!
This is My Home, My World, My Life.
All destroyed by a madman's knife!
Emerald fields of wheat, tobacco and corn
from the Mother Earth - destroyed and burned
Nothing left - its all been taken -
Zimbabwe - you are forsaken!

Roads decay and fall apart,
We stand and watch as friends depart
They've seen the writing on the wall -
Over and over, we've heard it all!
No longer safe in our beds at night -
We've lost the will to stand and fight.
We give up our land, our jobs and home.
Surrounded by Africa - totally Alone!

Petrol is scarce, food costs so high
With heads bowed low, we struggle by,
Vision blurred by tormented tears,
Courage quelled by horror and fears!
Life is darkest before each new day is born!
Be Strong-the sun must rise on an African Dawn!
Courage, like seeds of maize will grow
The sun will shine and you will know

Your life is safe to start again
To put away the Trouble and Pain.
So shake off the shackles of Terror and Fear
Hold close to everything that once was dear.
Be true to yourself, believe what is right
Don't be afraid to stand and fight.
Fight with Words and Actions and Deeds -
Work in your factories - Sow your seeds!

Stand up to those demons
They're devils and cowards - not humans
we know. They care for none
Believe in Yourself - Face the African Sun!

Pam Crowther

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